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The Ultimate Inbound Marketing Resources List for Businesses

Your Single Source of Truth for All Things Inbound

The Inbound Resources We've Got for You:

  • 35 inbound marketing thought leaders and rebels you need to follow

  • 18 groundbreaking inbound marketing books you must read

  • 16 inbound marketing podcasts to start binging right now

  • 14 inbound marketing blogs and publications you have to bookmark

  • 7 active online communities for inbound marketers and leaders to join

  • 11 insanely valuable inbound marketing email newsletters you'll adore

  • 7 can't-miss inbound marketing conferences and events to attend

  • 35 of our favorite inbound marketing tools we use every single day

And we'll continue to update this list whenever we come across something amazing in the world of inbound marketing that we'll know you'll love! 

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Give Me 35 Rockstar Inbound Marketing Thought Leaders & Rebels to Follow
Give Me 18 Groundbreaking Inbound Marketing Books to Devour
Give Me 16 Addictive Inbound Marketing Podcasts to Binge
Give Me 14 Crazy Helpful Inbound Marketing Blogs & Publications to Teach Me Stuff
Give Me 7 Active Inbound Marketing Communities & Groups to Inspire Me
Give Me 11 Insanely Valuable Inbound Marketing Email Newsletters
Give Me 7 Unforgettable Inbound Marketing Conferences & Events to Attend
Give Me 35 Essential Inbound Marketing Tools & Tech to Power My Strategies

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35 Rockstar Inbound Marketing Thought Leaders & Rebels to Follow

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18 Groundbreaking Inbound Marketing Books to Devour

They Ask, You Answer
by Marcus Sheridan
Get the Book »
Everybody Writes
by Ann Handley
Get the Book »
The New Rules of Marketing & PR
by David Meerman Scott
Get the Book »
Inbound Marketing: Attract, Engage, & Delight Customers Online
by Brian Halligan & Dharmesh Shah
Get the Book »
The Challenger Sale
by Matthew Nixon & Brent Adamson
Get the Book »
Inbound Content: A Step-by-Step Guide for Doing Content Marketing the Inbound Way
by Justin Champion
Get the Book »
Writing Without Bullshit
by Josh Bernoff
Get the Book »
Long Story Short: The Only Storytelling Guide You'll Ever Need
by Margot Leitman
Get the Book »
Content Inc.
by Joe Pulizzi
Get the Book »
Killing Marketing
by Joe Pulizzi & Robert Rose
Get the Book »
All Marketers Are Liars
by Seth Godin
Get the Book »
Marketing Lessons from the Grateful Dead
by Brian Halligan & David Meerman Scott
Get the Book »
The Marketing Performance Blueprint
by Paul Roetzer
Get the Book »
Start with Why
by Simon Sinek
Get the Book »
by David Meerman Scott
Get the Book »
Hug Your Haters
Jay Baer
Get the Book »
Permission Marketing
by Seth Godin
Get the Book »
Agile Marketing
by Jeff Julian
Get the Book »

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16 Addictive Inbound Marketing Podcasts to Binge

Inbound Success Podcast
with Kathleen Booth
Learn More & Start Binging »
Marketing Over Coffee
with John J. Wall & Christopher S. Penn
Learn More & Start Binging »
Content Lab
with Liz Murphy
Learn More & Start Binging »
Marketing Companion
with Mark Schaefer & Tom Webster
Learn More & Start Binging »
The Hubcast
with Marcus Sheridan & Carina Duffy
Learn More & Start Binging »
Marketing Smarts
by MarketingProfs
Learn More & Start Binging »
Film School for Marketers
with Zach Basner & Myriah Anderson
Learn More & Start Binging »
The Marketing Book Podcast
with Douglas Burdett
Learn More & Start Binging »
Skill Up Podcast
with Matt Howells-Barby & Jorie Munroe
Learn More & Start Binging »
Perpetual Traffic Podcast
with Garrett Holmes & Jenna Snavely
Learn More & Start Binging »
The Business of Content
with Simon Owens
Learn More & Start Binging »
The #FlipMyFunnel Podcast
with Sangram Vajre
Learn More & Start Binging »
Marketing School
with Neil Patel & Eric Siu
Learn More & Start Binging »
This Week in Google
with Leo Laporte, Jeff Jarvis, & Stacey Higginbotham
Learn More & Start Binging »
Social Media Marketing
with Mike Stelzner
Learn More & Start Binging »
Growth Everywhere
with Eric Siu
Learn More & Start Binging »

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14 Crazy Helpful Inbound Marketing Blogs & Publications to Teach Me Stuff

Content Strategy & How-To Advice by Content Marketing Institute
"While [Content Marketing Institute] is full of practical, how-to guidance, you’ll also find insight and advice from the experts, and an active community for discussing the latest news, information, and advances that are moving the industry forward."
Start Learning Right Now »
Inbound Marketing Strategy & Advice by IMPACT
"At IMPACT, we believe that inbound is a mindset, a philosophy, and a culture. To be inbound is to be helpful, with an obsession with leading others to be successful themselves. As a publisher, that means we work tirelessly to bring you the most helpful daily insights, context, and expertise possible, so you can be successful and grow your business in a digital world."
Start Learning Right Now »
Learn More, Be More, Improve Your Marketing Right Now by MarketingProfs
"Since our founding in 2000, we've produced tens of thousands of marketing resources. (So many that even our editors have a hard time keeping up!) That's why we've set up our resource page so you can search, refine, and find exactly what you're looking for."
Start Learning Right Now »
Marketing, Sales, Agency, & Customer Success Content by HubSpot
"HubSpot's blog for marketing, sales, agency, and customer success content, which has more than 400,000 subscribers and attracts over 4.5 million monthly visitors."
Start Learning Right Now »
Your Guide to the Social Media Jungle by Social Media Examiner
"The world’s largest social media marketing resource, Social Media Examiner® helps millions of businesses discover how to best use social media to connect with customers, drive traffic, generate awareness, and increase sales. Our mission is to help you navigate the constantly changing social media jungle."
Start Learning Right Now »
SEO & Inbound Marketing Blog by Moz
"At Moz, we believe there is a better way to do marketing. A more valuable, less invasive way where customers are earned rather than bought. We're obsessively passionate about it, and our mission is to help people achieve it. We focus on search engine optimization (SEO). It's one of the least understood and least transparent aspects of great marketing."
Start Learning Right Now »
SEO, Search Marketing News & Tutorials by Search Engine Journal
"Educating and empowering the SEO community by providing the freshest news and latest best practices via the industry’s smartest practitioners. Launched in 2003, SEJ is unique in its community-based approach to search marketing content. Virtually all of our contributed articles come from real online marketing experts, both independent and in-house."
Start Learning Right Now »
Social Media News by Social Media Today
"We provide original analysis on the latest happenings in the social media industry. Social Media Today is a leading industry publication operated by Industry Dive. Our journalists spark ideas and shape agendas for 5+ million decision makers in the most competitive industries."
Start Learning Right Now »
News on Search, SEO, & Search Engine Marketing by Search Engine Land
"In addition to the editorial news staff coverage, Search Engine Land features contributed articles by subject matter experts across all digital marketing disciplines, filled with practical tips, tactics, and strategies for running successful marketing programs."
Start Learning Right Now »
Content Strategy Blog by GatherContent
"Thoughts from industry experts and the GatherContent team on content, strategy, and collaboration. Since GatherContent launched in 2012, we've helped tens of thousands of teams, across 135 countries, avoid hours of pain. We continually strive for a better way to organize, structure, produce, manage and migrate content for web projects -- fighting the good fight against bad content."
Start Learning Right Now »
Conversion Optimization & Marketing Blog by ConversionXL
"Our mission at CXL is democratizing elite know-how. The knowledge and insights possessed by the top 1% used to be out of reach for most people. At CXL, we’re making that knowledge accessible for anyone with enough drive and motivation to take advantage of it."
Start Learning Right Now »
Seth's Blog by Seth Godin
"Hi. I’m Seth Godin. I’m a teacher, and I do projects. For more than thirty years, I’ve been trying to turn on lights, inspire people and teach them how to level up. This blog has been appearing daily for more than a decade. One day, if we meet, I hope you’ll share with me your favorite posts."
Start Learning Right Now »
Where 40,000+ Video Marketers Go to Learn by Vidyard
"Video is changing the way businesses connect and communicate in an increasingly digital world. The Vidyard Blog is your one-stop destination to learn everything about video marketing, video production, video selling, video for support, and much more!"
Start Learning Right Now »
Business Analytics, KPIs, & Product Updates by Databox
"Tips and advice joined in regular blog posts from experts at Databox on how to help your business focus on the things that really matter."
Start Learning Right Now »

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7 Active Inbound Marketing Communities & Groups to Inspire Me

Online Geniuses, an SEO & Digital Marketing Slack Community
"Online Geniuses is the largest Slack community for marketers. Join discussions with thousands of industry experts. These are VCs, CEOs, marketing managers, and experts from every niche. With thousands of posts a day you can ask and answer questions around SEO, PPC, email marketing, Affiliate marketers and much more. Plus, we have special events like our weekly CRO teardowns and considered the best Slack community for AMAs."
Learn More About This Awesome Group »
"Along with the latest actionable advice, tactics, and strategies, we share unique thought-provoking perspectives and personal, real-life stories of the triumphs (and tribulations) that come with growing through inbound. Currently, we have more than 4,000 members in our community."
Learn More About This Awesome Group »
We Optimize Group by Talia Wolf
"You're in the right place if you are working hard on driving traffic to your site, optimizing your pages, emails and campaigns and want to get higher ROI for your own business or your clients."
Learn More About This Awesome Group »
CXL Group on Conversion Optimization, Analytics & Growth
"Conversion optimization and growth discussions. Not a place for link dump or ads."
Learn More About This Awesome Group »
HubSpot User Slack Group by IMPACT
"We created this Slack group as a place for any and all HubSpot users to congregate, share ideas and ask questions.There are channels for all of the different Hubs (marketing, sales, and service), plus feeds of every product update announcement and HubSpot User blog post."
Learn More About This Awesome Group »
The Daily Carnage Group by Carney
"Bringing you the freshest news, tools, tips, and tactics in the marketing world. Get ready to break free from the monotony. Stay sharp.🔪"
Learn More About This Awesome Group »
Film School for Marketers Group by IMPACT
"This community is the go-to resource for companies who want to create a video culture in their organization, insource their video production, and truly be the best educators in their space. Please use this group to share what you're working on, collect research, and get feedback. Please do not use this group to solicit content, products, or services."
Learn More About This Awesome Group »

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11 Insanely Valuable Inbound Marketing Email Newsletters

The Daily Carnage Newsletter by Carney
"Be the sharpest marketer in the room. The Daily Carnage is your handpicked list of the best marketing content delivered to your inbox each day."
Learn More & Subscribe »
The Latest From IMPACT
"Relevant, actionable marketing content and insights hand-curated by Ramona Sukhraj and Liz Murphy of IMPACT, and delivered to your inbox three times a week."
Learn More & Subscribe »
eMarketer Daily Newsletter by eMarketer
"Daily briefing on digital marketing and media trends. Data-driven and timely for decision makers who need to keep up with the shifting media and marketing landscape. Also includes eMarketer FYI -- partner webinar announcements, whitepaper offers, best practices guides and research briefs."
Learn More & Subscribe »
Total Annarchy by Ann Handley
"Every two weeks I send out a (literal) letter about things I’m doing or things I believe are worth sharing. I’ll share new writing, useful ideas, fresh links, and some high-spirited shenanigans—delivered direct from me to your inbox.It’s free. And 100% spam-free. Unsubscribe whenever you want.I love getting letters. Maybe you do, too?"
Learn More & Subscribe »
"Get the highlights of the most important daily news delivered to your inbox every weekday morning, combining Ad Age reporting with key developments from other sources, plus our ICYMI roundup of the week’s best every Saturday."
Learn More & Subscribe »
Really Good Emails
"Hi, new friend! Really Good Emails (RGE for short) aims to be the best showcase of email design and resources on the web. [This is] a curated weekly newsletter about email marketing and design."
Learn More & Subscribe »
Marketing Dive's Top News
"Get marketing intel in your inbox. Subscribe to Marketing Dive -- the marketing newsletter you can read in 60 seconds."
Learn More & Subscribe »
Newsletters by Content Marketing Institute
"Get email updates from the Content Marketing Institute and stay up-to-date on all aspects of content marketing. Options include a daily or weekly newsletter, plus other updates."
Learn More & Subscribe »
MarketingProfs Today, a Practical Marketing Newsletter by MarketingProfs
"Practical marketing insights, lessons, perspectives, and know-how brought right to your inbox."
Learn More & Subscribe »
Copyblogger Newsletter
"You could spend the next weeks or months binging on our content -- and hey, we think that would be pretty cool. But we’d rather point you to the exact material that will help you get what you need from content marketing. Because when you get the exact right information, you can immediately begin to up your game as a content writer. Jump in. (It's all free.)"
Learn More & Subscribe »
Social Media Examiner Newsletter
"Get original Social Media Examiner content sent straight to your email inbox for free, and we promise never to share, trade, sell, deliver, reveal, publicize, or market your email address in any way, shape, or form."
Learn More & Subscribe »

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7 Unforgettable Inbound Marketing Conferences & Events to Attend

INBOUND hosted by HubSpot (Boston, Massachusetts)
"INBOUND is a community of people who are passionate about marketing, selling, and delighting customers in an inbound way. Our annual event and year-round media platform inspire and educate hundreds of thousands of people so that they—and their businesses—can grow better."
Learn More About This Amazing Event »
IMPACT Live hosted by IMPACT (Hartford, Connecticut)
"IMPACT Live is the most immersive, high-energy learning experience for inbound marketers and business leaders. Over the course of two fully immersive days, Marcus Sheridan and the IMPACT team, along with invited experts, will teach you the digital marketing and sales playbook that the most successful companies use to drive significant revenue growth and become true inbound organizations."
Learn More About ThIs Amazing Event »
Content Marketing World hosted by Content Marketing Institute (Boston, Massachusetts)
"Content Marketing World is the one event where you can learn and network with the best and the brightest in the content marketing industry. You will leave with all the materials you need to take a content marketing strategy back to your team -- and -- to implement a content marketing plan that will grow your business and inspire your audience."
Learn More About This Amazing Event »
b2b-marketing-forum (1)
B2B Marketing Forum hosted by MarketingProfs (Location Changes Annually)
"MarketingProfs B2B Forum is more than just a quirky (not-so-little) conference. It’s the place where leaders, innovators, and people who make things happen gather to learn about the latest in B2B marketing and share the secrets to success. (Plus belly laughs, creative networking, shenanigans, and marketers-off-the-clock antics.)"
Learn More About This Amazing Event »
Social Media World hosted by Social Media Examiner (San Diego, California)
"Experience three phenomenal days with the best social marketers, discover the latest tactics and master social media in 2019. Join thousands of fellow marketers and influencers at the mega-conference designed to empower you with business-building ideas -- brought to you by Social Media Examiner."
Learn More About This Amazing Event »
Traffic & Conversion Summit hosted by Digital Marketer
"Digital marketing changes FAST. And that's why every year, for the last 10 years, thousands of the world's smartest marketers have descended upon San Diego, California to learn what's new, what's hot, and what's actually working RIGHT NOW in digital marketing. Now, it's your turn. If you're a marketing professional, agency owner, consultant, or entrepreneur, Traffic & Conversion Summit is YOUR event. Welcome home."
Learn More About This Amazing Event »
HYPERGROWTH hosted by Drift (London, Boston, & San Francisco)
"HYPERGROWTH is the fastest growing modern business event on the planet, bringing together the next generation of leaders to share their strategies for building, selling, and marketing products in a customer-centric world."
Learn More About This Amazing Event »

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35 Essential Inbound Marketing Tools & Tech to Power My Strategies

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Table of Contents
Give Me 35 Rockstar Inbound Marketing Thought Leaders & Rebels to Follow
Give Me 18 Groundbreaking Inbound Marketing Books to Devour
Give Me 16 Addictive Inbound Marketing Podcasts to Binge
Give Me 14 Crazy Helpful Inbound Marketing Blogs & Publications to Teach Me Stuff
Give Me 7 Active Inbound Marketing Communities & Groups to Inspire Me
Give Me 11 Insanely Valuable Inbound Marketing Email Newsletters
Give Me 7 Unforgettable Inbound Marketing Conferences & Events to Attend
Give Me 35 Essential Inbound Marketing Tools & Tech to Power My Strategies