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5 Apps No Inbound Marketer Should Be Without

5 Apps No Inbound Marketer Should Be Without Blog Feature

November 18th, 2013 min read

 5-Marketing-Apps- No-Inbound-Marketer-Should-Be-WithoutMobile adoption is on a steady incline.

The average smartphone user spends 2 hours a day with apps. (Source: Flurry)

As an inbound marketer, are you using your time wisely?

With the marketing industry evolving faster than ever, it can be challenging to keep up with the latest industry news. We've got pain points too!

However, these 5 apps have what it takes to simplify things a bit.

Whether it be project management, information collection, or analytics, these apps are designed to breath new life into your marketing efforts.


When juggling multiple projects it can be easy for important information to fall through the cracks.

The project management tool, Trello, offers users a digital bulletin board to organize projects, visualize tasks, and collaborate with others.

The app utilizes boards, lists, and individual cards as a way to set up a structure for projects to advance through.

Trello’s default setting lays out three lists: To Do, Doing, and Done.

The titles of the lists can be augmented, but we suggest adhering to a similar format, as it provides a sequential progression for projects.

Each card is representative of an individual task, and should be placed in the respective board.

The extent in which you utilize each card description is up to you. While all you need is a title to create a card, there is room for notes, links, outlines or related resources in the card description section.

As you complete the task, you simply move the card across the boards, making it easy to see what needs to be done, what you’ve started, and what you’ve completed.

If you wish to delegate particular cards to specific individuals, it’s simple. You can assign cards and share boards with other users, as well as add due dates and comments.


Is your work space littered with post-it notes?

Lost in a sea of tiny, yellow papers, it can be difficult to make sense of every detail you’ve jotted down along the way.

Evernote is an innovative note-taking app that simplifies the way you manage your notes, documents, and other resources.

The app features a text editor for note taking, photo uploader, and voice recording device for audio recording made easy.

Evernote enlists Notebooks as an organization method for your content. Applicable to different categories, each Notebook is a place to store, and selectively share your stuff.

Additionally, adding tags to your notes makes it easy to categorize and search for existing documents.

Evernote is accessible across your devices, eliminating the inconvenience of having your information scattered amongst several tools.

With the option to manually or automatically sync information, you can access your ideas and information, where you want it, when you want it.

From a marketing standpoint, you never know when inspiration is about to strike.

Evernote is a reliable resource for neatly keeping track of every workable idea that comes your way.


Somewhere between Pinterest and Evernote, Springpad was born.

Simplifying the way you collect information, Springpad allows users to create and store a variety of web-based content succinctly.

Each “Spring” you create or save will make it’s home in a relevant Notebook. Your Notebooks can be divided into categories, making it simple to save something of interest and revisit it later.

You have the option of setting your Notebooks to private, or sharing them publicly with other users. You can also sift through other public notebooks, and follow them based on common interests.

Springpad also makes it easy to collaborate with others on particular Notebooks. This means that multiple people can have access to add, edit, or remove content from a Notebook while moving forward with a project.


Designed to take the work out of your online reading routine, Feedly offers an all in one approach.

Rather than visit sites one by one, this app utilizes RSS to collect new content from the blogs, news sites, channels, and assorted webpages that interest you.

Feedly takes your favorite sites and skews them into pocket-sized cards, making it easy to scan the latest.

The app offers several viewing options, including:

    • Title only
    • List view
    • Magazine view
    • Cards view

With four different options, you have the freedom to organize articles in a way that feels manageable for you.

If you’re short on time, the app will allow you to bookmark articles as a reminder to read them later.

As a marketer, having the ability to read and collect insight quickly is of great value. By remaining in tune with industry influencers, you can easily spark new ideas, and establish yourself as a credible thought leader.


The HubSpot app allows you to monitor your marketing achievements from virtually anywhere.

Condensing your data into a compact mobile application, this app allows users to keep pace with their marketing efforts, follow up on new leads instantly, and monitor reports.

With the ability to oversee the success rates of your current marketing campaigns, you can get a hold on what's working, and what needs improving.

Push notifications make it easy to get acquainted with new leads in real-time, ensuring nothing gets left unaccounted for.

Just came up with the perfect posts for your Facebook page?

The HubSpot app allows users to monitor and publish to their social accounts, creating the opportunity to share relevant, informative updates.

Stay connected with all of the tools you need to sustain your marketing efforts, all in one easy-to-use app.

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