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Carina Duffy

By Carina Duffy

Nov 21, 2019


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Automation for adoption, updated permissioning, and all the October updates you didn't hear about [Hubcast 251]

Carina Duffy

By Carina Duffy

Nov 21, 2019

Automation for adoption, updated permissioning, and all the October updates you didn't hear about [Hubcast 251]

The end of the year is quickly approaching.

What's next for 2020?

Certified Dope

Staying on the sales enablement train

Last week, we talked about Chris DuBois’ SLA monitoring process. This week, we’re talking about adoption.

This person has already been certified as dope, but when you keep doing dope stuff, we’re going to keep sharing.

Ari Haas at Dijy told me about a client who has 50 plus employees just in the office alone, and then lots of sales reps nationwide.

The marketing team has been on HubSpot Marketing Pro for five years and just couldn’t get the sales team to use it, no matter what they would do.

They have workflows that assign tasks to them, but the team just ignores them and they remain incomplete and overdue.

They’re now working with the CMO to both see how they can better utilize the marketing tools, but even more so how to tie it into the sales tools, which basically means that the sales team need to start using it.

So, of course, they talked about the typical stuff like on-site training and so on, but that will require lots of people from all over the country to be in the same room, which can only happen two months from now for their annual meet up, but even more importantly, we need to get them to use the tools before we take them next level on-site.

Here’s what they’re doing: they’ve set up workflows and other cool parts of the hub and instead of using it to communicate with prospects, they’re using it to communicate with the sales team!

So they’re essentially acting as if they’re the SaaS company, in this case HubSpot, trying to activate their users and make them sticky. So the marketing team and the Dijy team are working closely to “lure them into planet orange.”

Some examples are:

1) Creating a workflow that triggers an email every Friday with a link to the reps dashboard that features a custom (clickable) report with their tasks of the week, encouraging them to log notes

2) A pipeline indicating how reps are responding, so a closed won rep is a champion

3) Tasks get recreated if they haven’t updated the right properties, even when they try to trick the system and mark them complete, they have a workflow that keeps checking if those properties were updated, and won’t stop creating tasks until they do their job. And in general when creating tasks, they do more than just notifying by email, so they either get encouraged enough, or at worst, annoyed enough to act.

4) And lots more cooking

The team at Dijy over there is consistently dope!



What’s on our minds

When should you do implementation yourself vs. having a company or agency do it?


HubSpot wishlist: Add/Edit Tasks Kanban Stages

“In Deals we have the option to edit and add stages to fit our business model. 

Similarly, in Tasks we would like to see flexibility to adapt the stages to completion shown on the Kanban board.”


Vote it Up!

From our friend Ari — Killing it, this episode!

This really speaks to the need for better task management tools for reps in HubSpot. It’s great that they can create follow-up tasks either manually or via workflows, but it’s so hard to manage those tasks after they’re created!


HubSpot updates

Keep marketing organized with team permissions for Emails, Forms and CTAs

“With team permissions for content, your marketing teams will only see their team's assets. That means less clutter and less risk of cross-team content mixups.

Previously, you could separate blog posts, website pages, and landing pages by team. With today's update, you can now separate forms, CTAs, and emails by teams, too.

As a part of the change, you also have a brand new setting that enables automatic assignment of all content to the creator's team.

All apps that support team permissions behave in the same way. Navigate to the listing page for any tool (example: Marketing > Email). Select one or more asset, then "Assign users and teams."

Note that account admins with the "partition by teams" permission enabled can always assign and reassign assets, regardless of this toggle's status.”
Learn More


A few unannounced product updates from October

Sometimes HubSpot releases smaller updates that don’t warrant an official announcements. Here’s a few we’ve found that we’re excited about:

  • Gmail clipping alert in Marketing Email
  • Six new ads reports in the reports library (previously you really only saw ads data within the Ads tool itself)
    • Ad impressions by network
    • Ad clicks by network
    • Ads attributed contacts by network
    • Ads attributed customer by network
    • Ad campaigns with cost per click
    • Ad campaigns with cost per contact
  • Sales Team Productivity in the analytics tools now allows you to aggregate rep activity across multiple channels, as well as compare reps using a bar chart
  • Restrict publishing of quotes, requiring manager approval (set up in Users & Teams); manage quote approvals with workflows
  • Video reporting in Knowledge Base - you can now see Video Views Over Time and Video Retention for videos embedded in your knowledge base articles using HubSpot Video


Until next time

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Until next time. This is Carina Duffy & Nick Bennett saying to you, get out there and get after it!

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How does your sales & marketing measure up?
Take this free, 5-minute assessment and learn what you can start doing today to boost traffic, leads, and sales.