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How does your sales & marketing measure up?
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Carina Duffy

By Carina Duffy

Aug 27, 2021


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CMS Hub Starter, business unit add-on, and Stephanie does email validation on a giant database [Hubcast ep. 274]

Carina Duffy

By Carina Duffy

Aug 27, 2021

CMS Hub Starter, business unit add-on, and Stephanie does email validation on a giant database [Hubcast ep. 274]

We've got the full crew in the house today for all the latest and greatest HubSpot updates, feature requests, and stories.

What's in this episode of the podcast (at-a-glance):

Stephanie finally used email validation on IMPACT’s portal … let’s hear how it went

Tell us, oh wise, data-base-cleaning Stephanie.

Should companies have both a digital marketer AND a marketing operations specialist?

Is there a difference? Should there be?

HubSpot wishlist: Rearrange dependent fields

Currently, there is no way to rearrange the dependent fields within the form. This makes it very tedious to edit forms. The only way to move them is by deleting previous ones.

This is a classic that needs to get some more upvotes! Vote it Up!

HubSpot updates

[Now Live] New forms comparison tool

Simply select the forms you want to compare and click “Compare forms.”

The comparison tool allows you to compare up to 10 forms at a time.

You can see the comparison of various form metrics and form settings side by side in the new compare forms tool.

The forms comparison tool will be available to Marketing Hub Professional and Enterprise customers.

[Now Live] 'Enroll in sequence' and 'Unenroll from sequence' workflow actions (Enterprise only)

This update adds two new actions when building a workflow: “Enroll in sequence” and “Unenroll from sequence.”

Enroll in sequence: After selecting criteria for workflow enrollment, select the “Enroll in sequence” action. Then select the sequence, the sender of the sequence, and the email the sequence will be sent from. Once this workflow is active, a sequence will enroll from the sender when the criteria have been met.

Unenroll from sequence: After selecting criteria for workflow enrollment, select the “Unenroll from sequence” action. No further options are required. When the criteria have been met, the contact will be unenrolled from any active sequence.

My favorite part:

It is important that customers are aware of the risks of using this functionality for proactive communication. We implore customers to use caution when enrolling lists into workflows that contain the “Enroll in sequence” action and we strongly discourage this functionality for any outbound email campaigns whatsoever. We will be monitoring usage of this functionality and proactively communicating with CSMs and account POCs if we feel the functionality is being abused.

More important info:

  • Only users with a paid sales or service enterprise seat can be selected as a sender.
  • If a user has gone beyond their daily send limit, sequences will not send from workflows.
  • If a sequence used in a workflow is deleted, that workflow will no longer send a sequence.
  • This functionality will be available to Sales Enterprise customers. We are planning to build similar automation in sequences for Sales Professional customers in the near future.

[Now Live] Further customize your CRM records with conditional sections (Enterprise only)

To date, the only properties you could use for defining a conditional section were:

  • Contacts: Lifecycle stage and Lead status.
  • Companies: Lifecycle stage and Industry.
  • Deals: Deal stage and Deal pipeline.
  • Tickets: Ticket status and Ticket pipeline.

Although these were a great start, they limited admin creativity and relating property display to their business and processes. With this update, all dropdown and checkbox properties (both default and custom) can be used to define a conditional section.

[Now Live] Deal probability property updates

Teams can view two new properties called “Deal Probability” and “Weighted Amount” in the Deals tool as a column and on the Deal Record properties section. Deal Probability is displayed as a percentage and Weighted Amount as a currency.

The property can be edited individually on a deal, or in bulk using a workflow. Clearing the property will reset the value to the default for the deal stage, set in Deal Settings.

In the near future, the forecasting tool will use Deal Probability and Weighted Amount by default.

Yay! IMPACT actually has custom properties and workflows for this exact use case.

[Public Beta] Safely and confidently manage all your business units with a single HubSpot account (Enterprise only)

It’s currently unclear whether this will be an Enterprise add-on (like multiple brand domains), or whether it will be included in Enterprise.

Regardless, it’s a logical extension of the Multiple Brand Domains feature.

[Now Live] CMS Hub Starter ($25/mo)

Short story:

  • One blog.
  • Up to 15 website pages.
  • No custom reporting.

Learn more

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Until next time, this is Carina Duffy, Nick Bennett, Stephanie Baiocchi, and Jess Palmeri saying, “Get out there and get after it!”

Free Assessment:

How does your sales & marketing measure up?
Take this free, 5-minute assessment and learn what you can start doing today to boost traffic, leads, and sales.