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Writing about competition in content (Content Lab, Ep. 56)

You need to create content about your competition. But how do you do it in a way that makes sense and doesn't feel... awkward?

Writing about competition in content (Content Lab, Ep. 56) Blog Feature

Liz Moorehead

Director of Content and Curriculum, Speaker, Host of 'Content Lab' Podcast

January 10th, 2021 min read

Did you know that competition-based content goes hand-in-hand with creating content proven to drive the most revenue at your company?

I know, I know. That was a jargon-heavy opener, but let's face it — we're here to do one thing and one thing only. We're here to create content that makes money. And if you want to make money with your content, that means you absolutely must be writing about your competition.

That's easier said than done, however. Because, on its face, talking about your competition can feel really awkward. Are you really allowed to do that? Doesn't that come across as biased? Or worse, won't that just drive your ideal buyers into the arms of other companies and vendors?

Have no fear, content nerds. In this 100% brutally honest deep-dive of an episode, John and I discuss:

  • Why you need to talk about your competitors
  • What great competition content looks like
  • What you should never do in competition content
  • And some of our favorite competition content hacks


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John's learning corner

  • Compliment - an expression of praise (Thanks for the compliment!)
  • Complement - something that completes or brings to perfection (the wine was the perfect complement to the meal)
  • Principle - a core belief, basis for conduct (a guiding principle)
  • Principal - the foremost or most important (our principal focus)
  • Discrete - individual and distinct (discreet categories)
  • Discreet - careful in one's speech and action, especially to avoid causing offense (please be discrete)

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