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Content Marketing Trends on Twitter You Need to Know in 2019 [Infographic]

Content Marketing Trends on Twitter You Need to Know in 2019 [Infographic] Blog Feature

Rachel Palmateer

Director of Paid Media, 6+ Years of Digital Marketing and Project Management Experience

July 13th, 2019 min read

Twitter marketing can be a lot like going to the grocery store while hungry. 

If you don’t have a plan, you can get seriously sidetracked and wind up with a whole head full of useless information or petty drama between two celebrities you forgot existed.

However, there are nourishing gems all over the place, if you set out to find them.

Those gems come from thought leaders in all industries. 

It turns out that - like someone grabbing the last can of black olives off the top shelf for you when you can’t reach - people on Twitter genuinely enjoy helping each other grow and get better at their craft, especially in the marketing world.

And hashtags help us sort through the noise.

SEMrush recently took a deep dive into the best performing tweets with the hashtag #ContentMarketing and they came out with some interesting findings shared in the infographic below.

For instance, in the top 15 hashtags paired with #contentmarketing we see #ai making the list in a three-way tie with #business and #blogging. 

This is not surprising, as we’re seeing both B2B and e-commerce businesses turning to AI for support when executing their marketing plans. 

Another thing that’s pleasantly surprising is that the topic of sales is one of the top 15 topics to be discussed with #contentmarketing. 

While traditional business models typically put marketing and sales in two separate silos, it is becoming more commonly understood that the delicate dance between the two departments is really where the marketing magic of today truly lives. 

We see this all the time while teaching the tenets of They Ask, You Answer

Twitter has been getting a bad rep professionally in recent years, but being that people are 31% more likely to remember what they see on Twitter versus general browsing, it’s about time that sales and content marketing team up to give the platform a try!

And content doesn’t just mean blog posts and landing pages on your website. Video is a key factor in the 2019 content marketing landscape, including Twitter. 

According to Hootsuite, tweets with videos attract 10x more engagement than those without and looking at the infographic below, only 3% of posts with visuals are using video. This leaves the space wide open for your brand to test for increased engagement. 

Keep in mind that 93% of Twitter videos are viewed on mobile. So if you don’t have a mobile-friendly website to direct your engaged users to, it’s time to get that project going. 

Twitter might not be the answer for every business, but it’s a great tool for industry individuals looking to stay in-the-know and in the conversation. 

Check out the top influencers, trends, and more listed in the infographic below and let us know what you loved in IMPACT Elite.



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