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How to use keywords when writing website content Blog Feature

Bob Ruffolo

Founder & CEO, Keynote Speaker, Entrepreneur, Recipient of Comparably’s Best CEO ’17

May 18th, 2010 min read

Keywords are the key element in website copywriting because they enable your site to be found on search engines and earn a high rank.

To get a high Google ranking for your website, find the keywords that relate to your site and include them on your site. You can also write SEO articles featuring the keywords with references to your site. The articles will appear in Google rankings when the keyword terms are searched and can lead to hits to your website.

The idea is to find the best keywords, but don’t overuse them. Integrate them into the text naturally so the copy flows smoothly. Overusing keywords can be detrimental to casual readers and can also result in having your site flagged as spam by search engine robots.

With SEO articles you want to make sure the keyword term is mentioned a certain number of times so the article will be picked up by Google. A safe number is 8.

Another important tip is to use keywords and phrases that people actually search for. The goals is to find popular words and terms that people post in the search box, so they’ll find your site along the way.

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