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George B Thomas

By George B Thomas

Apr 22, 2015


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Hubcast 39: Brené Brown at Inbound 2015, Content Manager, HubSpot, VA's & SEO

George B Thomas

By George B Thomas

Apr 22, 2015

Hubcast 39: Brené Brown at Inbound 2015, Content Manager, HubSpot, VA's & SEO

Welcome back to The Hubcast folks, a weekly podcast all about HubSpot news, tips, and tricks. Please also note the extensive show notes below including some new HubSpot video tutorials created by George Thomas.

Show Notes:

Inbound 2015

New Keynote Speaker announced:

<iframe src="" width="640" height="360" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen></iframe>

HubSpot announced Brené Brown as a Keynote speaker for INBOUND 2015! As a research professor at the University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work, Brené studies vulnerability, courage,worthiness and shame. She is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, and has a new book releasing this summer: Rising Strong.

In addition to having Brené at INBOUND 2015, she will also answer exclusive community-generated questions submitted through a forum at on April 23, 2015. You can learn more, here.

Hubcast Fireside Chat!

Omni Parker House

As one of Boston’s historic cornerstones, Omni Parker House displays a character as storied and unique as the town itself. With classic style, modern amenities and personalized service, we offer one of the finest experiences in the country for leisure and business travelers alike.

HubSpot Strategy

In today's strategy section we talk about the need for hiring a content manager for your company. We talk about the importance of your content creation being their only focus. We warn against the too many hats syndrome that happens way to often to the content manager position.

Stack of hats

HubSpot Wishlist

Speed Up Edits With - Source Code Select

This wish list item comes to us from one of our great clients Amy Dagliano From E Group Engage.

It would be great if you highlighted content on the page, and then when you click source code, it would take you to that spot in the code. This way you wouldn’t have to scan through the copy to find the right place in the code to make adjustments. Very similar to how Dreamweaver functions. This would allow HubSpot users to get in and out of the editing process and back to their normal workload. #Savetime

I went over to and added it as an idea so go vote it up.

Vote it up

HubSpot Updates

Announcement: Prospects Tool Now in HubSpot CRM

The Prospects tool is moving out of the marketing tool and into the Sales tool. This is effective today for all new trial portals. Moving the Prospects Tool into the CRM makes it more powerful for the core user: Sales Professionals. Any HubSpot portal created before April 15 will remain unchanged at this time.

Here is a link where you can Watch the video demo and download the training deck for more details on this change.

Tag COS Site Pages by Campaign

HubSpot has released the ability to now associate COS Site Pages with Campaigns both from the Site Page itself or from the campaign tool. This is now available to all customers on the COS.

To associate a Site Page with a campaign, you can either tag the Site Page with a campaign when creating it under Content > Site Pages, or build it right from the Campaigns App itself, which will automatically tag the site page as being associated with that campaign.

You can find Site Pages in the "Promote Campaign" section within Campaigns tool:


And under the "Options" tab when building a page in Site Pages:


Customize social messages when publishing blog posts

You can now customized the social message that automatically posts when you publish a blog post.

When setting up your social accounts in HubSpot’s Social Inbox App, you have the option to turn on Auto-publish for every channel on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. I will add a screen shot so yu can see where to find it in your Social Media Settings:

Social 1

Once you’ve turned this feature on, every time a blog post is published from your HubSpot account, it will also send a message out on these channels. Before the update, it used to send out the link and title of your post to these channels. Now, you can configure the message any way you’d like to entice your social audience to click through and read your post. Much more creative, a ton less “automated feeling” if you will.

When creating your blog post in HubSpot’s Blog App, click on the “publishing” tab on the right to set up your publishing settings. Here’s what you’ll see:

Social 2

Now, you can create a customized message about your blog post to automatically publish on your selected channels when your blog post goes live. If you have selected channels for auto-publish but choose not to write a message here, your social message will automatically pull in the title of your post and the link like before.

Please note: You must have included a featured image in the post for it to show up as an option to include with Twitter messages for Social Media Auto-publishing. For more information on featured images, check out this Knowledge base article.

HubSpot Tips & Tricks

This week I spread the tutorial love to three of my favorite things. HubSpot CRM, HubSpot COS, and Wistia.

HubSpot CRM - How to delete a recorded call ( Hubcast community member )

HubSpot COS - How to create a social post right in your blog tool

Wistia - How to build out a playlist in Wistia

Cool HubSpot & Inbound  Tweets

Hubcast Question of the Week

Marcus been using a VA for my SEO want to show them HubSpot, what do you think?

WOW Event 2015 - Richmond Virginia June 3rd

The biggest issue in the inbound and content marketing space is that of getting buy-in from an entire organization. Most often, the marketing department has a vision that management, sales, and other departments simply don’t see nor understand. And when it comes to marketing companies having successful inbound/content retainer clients, the problem is only compounded.

For over 4 years, we at The Sales Lion have been giving Content Marketing Workshops literally around the globe. During this time, we have experienced exceptional success, and now we want other marketing agencies, consultants, and even CMOs to understand how to give a world-class workshop to their clients so as to get the buy-in, vision, and results everyone is seeking. Specifically, the WOW event will help you if … Check out the WOWEvent page for more details.

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How does your sales & marketing measure up?
Take this free, 5-minute assessment and learn what you can start doing today to boost traffic, leads, and sales.