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George B Thomas

By George B Thomas

Dec 10, 2015


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Hubcast 72: Email Signatures as a Marketing Channel and HubSpot Growing Pains

George B Thomas

By George B Thomas

Dec 10, 2015

Hubcast 72: Email Signatures as a Marketing Channel and HubSpot Growing Pains

Welcome back to The Hubcast, folks: A weekly podcast all about HubSpot news, tips, and tricks. Please also note the extensive show notes below, including some new HubSpot video tutorials created by George Thomas.

HubSpot Strategy

Email signatures as a marketing channel.

Screenshot 2015-12-09 07.46.37

This week in the strategy section, we talk about my latest travels to a HubSpot Intensive Training (HIT) Workshop. During my travels I was listening to SpinRadio with Michael Reynolds and Abby Stearns as they talked about is an email signature client you can leverage to add power to your inbox. At The Sales Lion we do email signature marketing, and use WiseStamp for our needs.

On an average day you may send 7 to 12 tweets, 2 to 4 Facebook status updates or 2 to 3 LinkedIn updates. However, you probably send 25 to 50 emails per day but have no extra marketing messages or company promotions in them.

What makes this even crazier is that these emails are already going to people who are asking questions about your products, services or are engaging your brand.

Things to think about in email signature marketing:

  • Keep signature consistent Across all employees
  • Keep your signatures consistent with your brand
  • Let your signature promote your latest content
  • Make sure you are promoting your latest event, or, if you don't have an event, use it to promote an inbound workshop

Here at The Sales Lion, our team is getting ready to switch all of out signatures to HubSpot Intensive Training Workshops for the next 60 to 90 days.

HubSpot Agency Spotlight

Screenshot 2015-12-09 07.33.40

Agency: NEXA


CEO: Amit Vyas

Location: Dubai, UAE.

What we love: They were part of our latest WOW event and have been experiencing great success. They also have a workshop page on their website.

On a fun note, I love their about us page and the image flips of the employees. Amit and Goofy is nice. As you flip these you really get a good feel for the true employees.


Screenshot 2015-12-09 07.34.03

HubSpot Updates

No updates this week but we would be remiss if we did not talk about the HubSpot outages this past week.

HubSpot had some growing pains to say the least.

I love the way this was handled and the letter from Dharmesh had some really great things inside of it.

Read the letter here.

Let's talk about a couple parts of this letter we love.

We love this...

This type of major database upgrade is rare, and an outage like we had this week is even rarer. This is the first one we’ve had of this magnitude in over 2 years.

And this…
In keeping with HubSpot’s culture of openness and transparency, we’d like to share details of what went wrong, what we’ve learned, and how we plan to do our best to make sure this type of issue doesn’t happen again.

But this right here is the best!!!
At HubSpot, we work tirelessly to ensure a great experience for you, our customers, and to provide a system you can rely on. This week, we failed to deliver that — and we are truly sorry. We are working hard to further improve our systems so that this doesn’t happen again. We are confident that we will continue to deserve the trust you’ve placed in us.

Dharmesh Shah
Founder/CTO, HubSpot

HubSpot Tips & Tricks

This week it’s all about the blog. When you get started with HubSpot’s awesome tool, there are a couple basic things you need to know and change, so that’s what we dove into.

HubSpot Wish List

Last week Marcus came up with our very own HubSpot wish list item in the middle of the episode.


It would be great to have a  section of the HubSpot tool that would tell you what pieces of the tool you have or have not used in the past 30 days, or even at what level you have used each of the tools.

It would be great if you could view month over month or even over an entire year. That way you could see if you were constantly weak on emails or always blatantly ignoring lead scoring and workflows.

Vote It Up

Cool HubSpot Tweets

HubSpot Question of the Week

Not really a question this week but we beat that Sales Force and HubSpot drum once again. We chat about an article that  wrote on Seeking Alpha about

Why Could, Would And Should Buy HubSpot.

You really should listen to what we think.

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How does your sales & marketing measure up?
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