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George B Thomas

By George B Thomas

Jan 28, 2016


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Hubcast 79: HubSpot A/B Testing, Accredited Trainers, & Inbound ROI

George B Thomas

By George B Thomas

Jan 28, 2016

Hubcast 79: HubSpot A/B Testing, Accredited Trainers, & Inbound ROI

Welcome back to The Hubcast, folks: A weekly podcast all about HubSpot news, tips, and tricks. Please also note the extensive show notes below, including some new HubSpot video tutorials created by George Thomas.

HubSpot Strategy

This week in our Hubcast strategy section we talk about A/B Testing (Split Testing) for your online marketing efforts. We chat about email, landing pages, Call To Actions, and more.

You might be asking yourself, "why is this important?" Well, what if you could move the needle from 1% conversion to 4.5% conversion what could that mean for your business? If a conversion is $1000, then you just bumped it up to $4,500.

Who doesn't want that!

Next we talk about HubSpot and how, as well as what, you can A/B test.

HubSpot Enterprise Level

  • Email testing
  • CTA Testing
  • Landing Page Testing

Next we ask ourselves and the audience:

What if you do not have enterprise?

What is one to do?

That is when we talk about Optimizly and using that as the A/B testing solution for your business. We also go on a little rant about how Optimizly does not have pricing on their website. : ( #SadFaceAfter 

After that, we dig into the nuts and bolts for the folks that might not be using HubSpot at all. Maybe they just have a Wordpress site and are trying to do Inbound; What are their options?

What about Wordpress A/B Testing?

You can, of course, get the Optimizly plugin for your site.

There is an Inbound Now plugin that allows you to create A/B Testing for CTA’s and Landing Pages. It also comes with a great lead management feature.

We also found Marketing Optimizer, and it looked really interesting. With this tool you can A/B Test:

  • Landing Pages
  • CTAs
  • POP-Ups
  • Wordpress Pages

It even has call-tracking available with a paid integration.

HubSpot Agency Spotlight

Screenshot 2016-01-27 08.08.22

Agency: LyntonWeb

Founder: Daniel Lynton

Twitter: @dlynton


Reasons: Platinum Partners, Great design (Homepage is on point!), Fun about us page stats.

Screenshot 2016-01-27 08.13.40

Also, I like that they are remote warriors like us.

HubSpot Updates

HubSpot Connect - BoostSuite integration

BoostSuite automates co-marketing by connecting marketers with relevant websites and blogs around the world. Once a member, marketers can trade content once a month for free or get unlimited trades for $19 a month.



How does BoostSuite integrate with HubSpot?

The BoostSuite integration with HubSpot enables a direct connection between BoostSuite and your HubSpot blog. When you accept a trade request from a partner in BoostSuite, or when your trade request is accepted by a partner, the partner’s article is instantly published to your blog in HubSpot.

How-to get started:

Once you’ve created your free account at you can find complete setup instructions here:





This integration is built and supported by BoostSuite. Customers can get support for this integration from the BoostSuite Team.

Integration pages:

HubSpot Connect - Seventh Sense Integration

Seventh Sense makes it easy to deliver emails at times when your customers or prospects are mostly likely to open and read vs. unsubscribe. Their technology uses HubSpot data to increase open and click rates, deliverability, and decrease unsubscribes.

How does Seventh Sense integrate with HubSpot?

Seventh Sense uses your old HubSpot open & click as well as existing email data to build engagement profiles on every contact you have, and in turn, empowers you to personalize the delivery time of your campaigns via HubSpot workflows or through your normal email channel.

How-to get started:

Seventh Sense is offering complimentary training and on-boarding for all HubSpot customers.

Get started with Seventh Sense today!



It’s becoming increasingly harder to capture attention via email, but at the same time it’s an extremely successful channel when it works. Marketers need to be smart about what they send and when. Seventh Sense provides a much-needed data-driven approach to email marketing.


This integration is built and supported by Seventh Sense. Customers can reach out to Seventh Sense for support.

Integration pages:

HubSpot Connect - App Data Room Integration

App Data Room is a mobile sales enablement solution for sales teams. Sales teams use a custom App Data Room app to easily deliver online or offline presentations and facilitate meetings. The app’s content is controlled by the marketing team and can be updated or adjusted and then deployed in real time to your entire salesforce.



How does App Data Room integrate with HubSpot?

App Data Room comes with powerful analytics that, when connected, are integrated into HubSpot. This allows teams to know what was reviewed during sales calls and create lists and workflows based on this data.



To win over today’s consumer you need sales and marketing working together; rowing in the same direction. In fact, this is so important there is even a name for for it. Smartketing. App Data Room helps get sales folks the marketing materials they need on the fly and shares valuable data with marketing teams through HubSpot; helping your teams get on the same page.

How-to get started:

App Data Room is offering HubSpot customers a free 30-day trial of their tool. HubSpot customers already using their tool can follow these steps to get connected.


This integration is built and supported by App Data Room. Customers can reach out to them for support.

Integration pages:

HubSpot Wish List

The Ability to A/B Test HubSpot Site Pages

Right now you can A/B test emails, landing pages and CTAs. These are all awesome, but they leave the core pages of a website without the ability to A/B test, which is just sad. What if a Graphic or color change on the home page made a 2% uplift in main service sales. What if adding 3 different testimonials gave a product a 4% lift. Well, we will just never know… Until HubSpot implements A/B Testing for Website pages.

Vote It Up

HubSpot Tips & Tricks

This week I go total enterprise. Not like the Starship Enterprise, but like HubSpot enterprise level features. Last week we talked about a site always needing to changing, and this week we talk about the importance of A/B testing, so of course I made three tutorials.

Cool HubSpot Tweets

HubSpot "Feel Good" of the Week

Screenshot 2016-01-27 08.28.12

George and Marcus,

I hope you guys are doing well! I wanted to drop you a note to say that I appreciate both the Hubcast and the Mad Marketing Podcast, especially the updates on the latest tools and tips and the inspiration to stay focused on making an impact. I feel like that's a big part of the whole inbound thing — making a difference in real people's lives by connecting with them in a valuable way.

I wanted to share with you guys a little project that my wife and I have been working on for the last months. We're doing this as a side project to spread hope to families dealing with medical adversity. If you get a chance, you can check it out at I thought you might appreciate another example of how we're trying to use the principles of inbound to make a lasting difference — even if it's squeezed in between the day job, family commitments, and everything else. :)

Thanks for the time and effort that you put into pouring into the inbound community!

Andrew Thomas

PS - George: Thanks again for the insights at our HIT workshop in the fall at Regency (same Andrew Thomas, here). The team is continuing to dig in and take advantage of more and more of the platform. There's so much to tackle!

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