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Why Instagram is Winning the Fight for Customer Engagement

Why Instagram is Winning the Fight for Customer Engagement Blog Feature

November 1st, 2013 min read


Clear, detailed images are deemed to be very important by 67% of consumers.

63% of customers value the quality of a product's image over product-specific information.

54% of customers value the quality of a product’s image over a long description.

Furthermore, 53% of customers value the quality of a product’s image over reviews and ratings. (Source: MDG Advertising)

So put down your pen and paper. The written word doesn’t account for anything here. What’s working is interesting, fresh visual content.

Now is a better time than ever for your business to take advantage of photo-sharing tools like Instagram.

If your business wants to dive more in depth on how to get started with Instagram, download our free handbook: How to Use Instagram for Business.

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a free photo-sharing network that allows users to take photos, play with editing filters, and share their creations with not only the Instagram community, but Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, and Foursquare friends too.

Instagram is user-friendly, making it easy to pump out compelling visual content for your business in an instant, hence the name.

In April of 2012, Facebook payed a pretty penny to acquire Instagram. $1 billion in stock and cash to be exact.

It’s evident that Facebook saw the value in the accessibility of Instagram and their ability to create a community centered around the sharing of personal, conversational photography. As a result of this social network union, it is easier than ever for your business to get started on Instagram, in fact, all you need is a Facebook login to gain access to this valuable inbound marketing tool.

Why it's Working?

Brands like Nike, Starbucks, and Adidas have seen outstanding success through their engagement with Instagram. These brands, and brands like them, are tactfully producing remarkable visual content with Instagram that generate more results than meets the eye.

Anyone can take a picture of their lunch, or their dog, but these brands are using cross-platform photo-sharing to:

  • Inspire their audience
  • Produce maximum traction with relevant hashtags
  • Pay homage to their valued customers

With a continuously expanding community, Instagram is a marketing tool worth exploring further.

The network sees 55 million photos shared each day, providing an active environment for your content to get discovered and generate feedback. Use the built-in camera to capture your office’s personality, reach and connect with users all over the world, and build closer relationships with the people that matter most, your buyer personas.

Rather than write it, photograph it. Create an experience for your audience by telling your story through Instagram.

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