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Carina Duffy

By Carina Duffy

Apr 27, 2021


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Introducing the first annual HubSpot WishFest 2021 [Hubcast 270]

Carina Duffy

By Carina Duffy

Apr 27, 2021

Introducing the first annual HubSpot WishFest 2021 [Hubcast 270]

This episode of the Hubcast is brought to you by IMPACT's Virtual Selling Summit, online, May 4th. Save cash with the promo code HUBCAST.

Welcome to the Hubcast first annual HubSpot WishFest 2021!

We’ll be breaking down all of our favorite wishlist items, from submitted ideas to ones recently delivered.

If you don’t know where these are coming from, you’re missing a HUGE opportunity to grow your HubSpot knowledge. Head to to the Ideas forum to check out all of the posts we’re talking about.

And don’t worry, we’ll throw some product updates at ya, too.

Top submitted ideas

Okay, let’s be real, in this case, “top” just means our top ones.

Exporting conversation logs

Since we can’t do much reporting on conversations right now, it would be great to be able to export logs and look for things like keywords in chat convos.

Vote it up!

Dependent form fields, but for required deal stage properties updates

This one is near and dear to my heart. Why oh why can I add progressive property updates so that my sales team can easily update information as they drag deals across their pipeline board?!

Vote it up!

Popup form triggered by clicking a call-to-action (CTA) button

“I have a form, the CTA button, and the gated content all in HS but no way for the form to pop up when someone clicks the CTA. Why do they need to be sent through to a different landing page to access the form?”

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Keyboard shortcuts

This one’s been around since early 2017… the HubSpot natives are getting restless.

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Filter properties by group

When adding a property as a filter or table view, it'd be great to be able to filter the properties by group or jump to a specific group.

Right now, you have to know the name of a property to find it or aimlessly scroll until you reach the group you want. With almost 1,000 properties this can take forever and feels impossible sometimes.

If you type in the name of the group you do see the group but then only the properties within that group that also contain that word.

Vote it Up for Steph!

Top ideas in planning

Associate one contact to multiple companies

From the product team on October 14, 2020: “We are now in development of updates to the CRM that will make adding multiple companies to a single contact possible. Not making timeline promises in this forum, but as soon as the beta is available, I'll notify this thread.

To those wondering about using Custom Objects for associations - I would recommend against it. Custom Objects are great for the "nouns" of your business (think inventory, shipments, appointments, real estate) but not as good for describing the relationships between things.”

Vote it Up! (— It might help)

Edit the Lifecycle Stage contact property

From the product team on May 21, 2020: “The ability to edit lifecycle stages is something we have been investigating on the HubSpot Product team. However, a pretty significant technical migration stands in our way.

Knowing this is absolutely something we want to do, but will take a while, I'm moving this idea to "in planning" to acknowledge that it is something we really want to do! We'll continue to update this post as we make progress.”

Vote it up! (Can’t hurt, right?)

Require specific deal properties based on pipeline

From the product team on October 20, 2020: “As of right now, we do not have an ETA for delivering this functionality. We have a good understanding of the pain you all experience by not having this functionality and absolutely plan to address this idea. In fact, it's been something we've had several lengthy discussions about internally.

The solution we're considering at this time is rooted in a significant change to our platform - allowing all properties (in this case, deal pipeline) to have other properties that are required depending on the original property chosen. It is certainly possible we take a more short-term approach to solve this specific problem, but at this stage our efforts are focused on higher impact updates to the HubSpot CRM overall.”

Vote it up!

Top Ideas in Beta

Globally manage users notification preferences (Enterprise)

If you’re on Enterprise, reach out to your HubSpot contact to get enrolled in this beta!

Ideas Forum Post

[In Beta] Single record delete permissions

“When assigning user permissions, there is a new column for each record type that is used to restrict the ability to delete records.

This permission will always be a subset of a users 'edit' permissions on a given record type. A user cannot be given access to delete anything greater than the set of records they are able to edit.”

Original Forum Post

[Public Beta] New Service Analytics reporting app provides data insights for service teams

Like Sales Analytics… but for Service Hub!

Check it Out

Top Ideas Delivered Recently 

Only log emails to existing CRM contacts!

Now available in the Log & Track settings (just deselect “new contacts”).

Learn More Here

Workflow delay until task complete

This is a new (to us) way to use the “delay until event” action of HubSpot - you can delay until a task that was completed earlier in the workflow has been completed! (think: move deal stage once rep completes the “send proposal” task)

Learn More Here

Never fear, HubSpot updates are still here

[Now Live] Add text, images, and videos to your dashboard

“Navigate to the Actions button on the dashboard and select Insert images, text, or video.”


[Now Live] See where all objects are in a workflow

“You can view exactly where objects are in a workflow, including any objects waiting at a delay, giving you more visibility into the customer journey and making it easier to edit, delete, and update your workflows to align with your strategy.

Just like when reviewing objects waiting in a delay, click on the Objects in Action tab of any action, to see the objects waiting there, and for what reason.”

[Now Live] Conversation-based workflows

“This new functionality will enable triggers for conversation-based workflows on:

  • Conversations Properties
  • Contact Properties
  • Ticket Properties (coming soon!)

Some of the use cases that this will unlock:

  1. Set up reminders based on conversations
  2. Trigger a custom in-app notification, slack notification, or email based on specific criteria, like a bot starting.
  3. Send a follow-up or closing email to a customer
  4. Alert another team member of a conversation started with a particular contact or company.
  5. Generate tasks or update a contact property based on a conversation
  6. Create a ticket for specific channels, chatflows, or inboxes.

and many more!”

Until next time

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Until next time. This is Carina Duffy, Jess Palmeri, and Stephanie Baiocchi saying to you, get out there and get after it!

Free Assessment:

How does your sales & marketing measure up?
Take this free, 5-minute assessment and learn what you can start doing today to boost traffic, leads, and sales.