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New LinkedIn Course Helps Marketers Achieve Success on the Platform

New LinkedIn Course Helps Marketers Achieve Success on the Platform Blog Feature

September 9th, 2019 min read

Throughout 2019, LinkedIn has made several strides in updating its platform to be a more valuable business tool for companies to identify and convert leads. 

From updating its advertising product with all-new campaign objectives and advanced targeting capabilities to strengthening existing features like company pages or its groups feature, LinkedIn has made significant investments in making the professional networking platform more competitive in the digital marketing landscape. 

For B2B marketers, all of this is great news. LinkedIn occupies a very unique spot in the social media space, catering specifically to professionals looking to network and gain insights to help their career development. 

However, with all of the new developments, it can be hard for marketers to keep track. We now have all of these new tools at our disposal, but are we able to use them effectively? 

For that reason, LinkedIn has launched a new course titled "Marketing on LinkedIn: The Sophisticated Marketer's Guide.” Like the title suggests, the course is designed to educate marketers on how to best connect with and convert qualified leads on the platform. 

The course is available on LinkedIn’s Learning platform, which hosts a collection of other professional development courses on a variety of topics, from leadership to business strategy to networking tips. Full access to all LinkedIn’s learning courses requires a monthly fee, but this new course is currently available for free!

What does the course cover? 

LinkedIn’s Learning platform is very similar to HubSpot Academy’s courses — it’s composed of a series of videos where a dedicated instructor walks you through key topics, and users get a badge to display on their LinkedIn profile upon completion. 

Beyond just adding another achievement to your LinkedIn profile, this course offers insights that can help both beginner and seasoned marketers use LinkedIn more effectively. 

The course covers the following areas: 

    • Using organic marketing tools: Essentially, how to gain traction on the platform without running ads. This includes how to best optimize your company profile, how to identify and publish relevant content, and the best way to engage with LinkedIn groups in a way that contributes to LinkedIn’s community to attract users. 
    • Rundown of paid marketing tools: Here, LinkedIn provides both a high-level overview of available tools, and a deep-dive of the campaign creation process for those who may be new to LinkedIn advertising. An entire module is dedicated to LinkedIn’s targeting capabilities, which is worthwhile even for experienced LinkedIn advertisers given the new features added throughout the year. 
    • How to measure impact: Of course, even if you execute all of the above steps flawlessly, it’s hard to determine if your efforts were successful if you don’t know what key metrics to watch. The course walks through the campaign manager analytics tools, including how to use campaign demographics and conversion tracking insights to draw stronger conclusions. 

What will marketers gain from this course? 

No matter how experienced or inexperienced you are with LinkedIn, I highly encourage all marketers to take an hour out of their day to complete this learning course. 

Not only is it currently free, but it also provides a look at some great new features you may have missed and helps uncover hidden opportunities to boost your brand’s LinkedIn presence. 

LinkedIn is a different type of social media platform and your approach to it as a marketer should reflect that. However, too many brands tend to post the same content to LinkedIn as they would to Facebook or Twitter, and it’s simply not going to have the same results. 

After all, you wouldn’t post the same stuff on your personal LinkedIn as you would your personal Facebook page, right? 

Right now, LinkedIn use is hitting record levels of engagement, and marketers should be sure they’re not only aware of the new tools out there, but that they’re also using them in the best way possible to maximize results.  

So, if you’re interested in taking your LinkedIn strategy (and the potential results) to the next level, check out the course here

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