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Live at the INBOUND Podcast Lounge with Stephanie Baiocchi & Nick Bennett! [Hubcast 241]

Live at the INBOUND Podcast Lounge with Stephanie Baiocchi & Nick Bennett! [Hubcast 241] Blog Feature

Carina Duffy

Director of HubSpot Training, Co-Host of the Hubcast, INBOUND Speaker, Certified HubSpot Trainer, Retains 10 HubSpot Certifications

September 12th, 2019 min read

This episode of the Hubcast was brought to you by Website Throwdowns at the IMPACT Booth!

If you’re seeing this in the show notes, you missed out!

"What the junk -- It’s INBOUND and we’re here with all of our favorite people!" 

We wanted to hear from the audience, what’s one thing you heard today that blew your mind?!

Certified Dope

The part of the show where we talk about things people are doing in and around HubSpot that are, indeed, certified dope.

I’m going to do a little shameless self-promoting here, but it’s honestly not that often that I get to really use HubSpot for myself

That may shock some of you and may make you think I’m a fraud, but a lot of what I do day-to-day is training clients how to do things themselves, and solve their own problems. Last week, however, I got to work on my own challenge - our process for scheduling sales appointments at the IMPACT Booth during INBOUND.

Listen to hear the scoop. 


HubSpot Wishlist: What’s your #1 feature request you’re pining away for?

Audience Question: what are you just dying for HubSpot to do before the next INBOUND?? Or like before next week?


Stephanie’s: Repurpose and reuse ALL responses in conversations across chat flows 

Nick’s: Add the ability to custom style the Service Hub Knowledge Base!! (not JUST logos and bits of copy, but the whole. dang. thing.) 

HubSpot Updates

INBOUND Product Updates

Some highlights from this week:

  1. The Main Sail - focusing on security and reliable before innovation
  2. Marketing Hub 
    1. Full Permission/Partitioning for things like Forms, Emails, CTAs and Lists - eventually that will trickle down to even things like workflows and email subscription preferences
    2. Drag and Drop Landing Pages
    3. Adaptive Page Testing for Enterprise
  3. Sales Hub
    1. Buy Now Button for frictionless selling
  4. Service Hub
    1. Restricted Article Access

Read more here

Until Next Time

Holy cow thank you for coming out to our live recording of the CAST!

Until next time. This is Carina Duffy, Marcus Sheridan, Stephanie Baiocchi, and Nick Bennett saying to you, get out there and get after it!

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