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Report: Apple plans AR headset release in 2022

Report: Apple plans AR headset release in 2022 Blog Feature

Karisa Egan

Director of Digital Sales and Marketing Coaching, 5+ Years of Client Success and Project Management

November 14th, 2019 min read

It seems like long-awaited rumors are coming true. The Information is reporting that Apple will release its first augmented reality headset in 2022, followed by a pair of AR glasses in 2023. 

Originally it was thought that the release date would be in 2020, but it seems that there have been some difficulties in developing the technology, which has caused Apple to push back its timeline by two years.

With the world of augmented reality growing, it’s no surprise that Apple is looking to release its own product to the public. The device, codenamed N301, will look similar to the Oculus Quest, but in typical Apple fashion, it will be a slimmer design. According to the report “it has AR and VR capabilities, uses external cameras to map the user’s surroundings (including the outlines of people, furniture, and rooms), and has a high-resolution display to show information and blend virtual objects with the real world.”

After the company launches the headset, it will be creating a smaller pair of glasses that will look like sunglasses with thick frames to hide the mechanics of the glasses, which are designed for more long-term wear.

AR advertising

With smartphone companies like Apple moving towards virtual and augmented reality, it’s important to start thinking about how this will affect the way consumers take in information — particularly how they’ll be shown ads.  

With virtual reality, Apple will be able to showcase whole new worlds that help users visualize themselves in completely different surroundings.


And with augmented reality, Apple will be able to add elements on top of the reality users are already living in, which is what makes AR Advertising so appealing.


Currently, AR advertising isn’t super prevalent, since most AR products right now are used for gaming. However, as the number of AR users continues to rise (techjury estimates 1 billion AR users next year), so will the number of AR ads. 

How AR and VR are being used today

According to Vibrant Media, 67% of “media planners and buyers...want to incorporate more AR/VR ads into their campaigns.” These buyers are looking to create a more enhanced user experience. And with Apple jumping into the AR game, it will be much easier to reach even more users. 

One example of a company that has really excelled at using AR to increase sales is Amazon. When you use Amazon’s app you’re able to actually place pieces of furniture, kitchen appliances, and other products in your house, allowing you to fully visualize what it will look like once you buy it. This gives you the option to “try before you buy" without paying for shipping and returning costs. Once you see how well something fits in your home, you’re more likely to purchase the product from the Amazon app. 

While you have time before Apple releases its AR products, it may be smart to start thinking of ways to take advantage of AR technology in your advertising plans for 2020, especially with the online shopping experience becoming ever more immersive and user-focused.

This way, you’ll have a hold on how it works before opening yourself up to the large audience that Apple brings to the table.

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