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Tasks on the mobile app, audience access properties, and losing the art of sales [Hubcast 262]

Tasks on the mobile app, audience access properties, and losing the art of sales [Hubcast 262] Blog Feature

Carina Duffy

Director of HubSpot Training, Co-Host of the Hubcast, INBOUND Speaker, Certified HubSpot Trainer, Retains 10 HubSpot Certifications

February 20th, 2020 min read

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Property of the Week

Audience access properties

“These properties store information relating to audience access in your HubSpot website and are available in Marketing Hub Enterprise subscriptions.

  • Domain to which registration email was sent: the domain to which the registration invitation email for content membership was sent to.
  • Email confirmed: the confirmation from the contact.
  • Membership notes: the notes relating to the contact's content membership.
  • Registered at: the date time at which the contact set up their content membership.
  • Status: the status of the contact's content membership.
  • Time registration email was sent: the date time when the registration email was sent to the contact.”

What’s on Marcus’ mind

Thoughts on how we’re losing the art of sales...

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HubSpot wishlist: Apply line break formatting in to personalization tokens in email

“With personalization tokens we can inset text into emails based on the relevant contact, company etc data.

However at the moment if you have a multi line text field with line breaks and paragraphs, this formatting will show correctly in HubSpot on the contact record, but in the resulting email there will be no line breaks and so the email content is a jumble into one paragraph.


ID: 1234

Name: John

Details: These are fake details

Number: 001122334455

gets formatted as:

ID: 1234 Name: John Details: These are fake details Number: 001122334455

Vote it Up!

From our friend Ari via the HubSpot User Slack!


HubSpot updates

Manage your tasks on mobile

“Once you update to the latest version of the iOS or Android app, navigate to the tasks tab to see the new task experience. We’ve completely overhauled the underlying structure of tasks, so now it should feel fast and snappy.

Some notable updates to look out for:

  • You can now access all the task queues you’ve setup on desktop directly from the mobile app.
  • You can now filter your tasks by calls, emails and to-dos as well as access all your completed tasks.
  • Your list of tasks is now organized in straightforward headers (today, this week, this month, etc.) so you know what you need to get done next at a glance
  • You can now sort your tasks by "Due Date" or "Priority" so you see your most important tasks first.”

Learn More

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