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Twitter Launches ArtHouse to Help Brands Produce Better Content for the Platform

Twitter Launches ArtHouse to Help Brands Produce Better Content for the Platform Blog Feature

July 17th, 2019 min read

Social media is a prime outlet to generate brand awareness, engage both new audiences and loyal customers, and ultimately showcase the “human” side of your brand's products or services in a fun, creative way. 

However, some brands may not have the creators, tools, or talent on board to get these valuable assets created. 

To solve this issue, Twitter has announced the launch of Twitter ArtHouse, a new service that helps brands create content that drives brand engagement in a way that can make a real impact. 

Stacy Minero, global head of Twitter ArtHouse, explained the service in a recent blog post, stating: 

“Twitter ArtHouse connects brands with the creative capital and talent of Influencers, Artists and Editors who can add a new dimension of relevance to their content. The global team brings together content strategists, digital producers and influencer marketing specialists to help brands launch new products and connect to what’s happening in culture.”

“Our mission is simple: to help brands design Twitter first content that moves people.”

In other words, Twitter ArtHouse is the new one-stop-shop for brands to access influencers, artists, video editors, and other talent that can help them produce better, more meaningful content to drives results. 

What services does Twitter ArtHouse provide? 

Twitter ArtHouse covers three main categories of content creation: Influencers and artists, video editing, and live video production. 

These services aim to enhance a brand’s ability to connect with Twitter’s audience and create the kind of content that will drive engagement. 

Connect with influencers and artists 

At the heart of any campaign are two things: the “voice” of the campaign and its creative assets. 

We’re all familiar with the rising popularity of influencer marketing. As more and more brands try to use influencers in upcoming social media campaigns, it’s getting more difficult to quickly identify whom you want to work with. 

Influencers can range widely in what type of content they produce, demographics of their audience, and price they charge to partner with brands. So, Twitter ArtHouse offers a much easier and more effective way for brands to easily refine the search. 

As far as creative assets, Twitter ArtHouse has a similar approach to matching up artists with brands. “Artists” can be illustrators, photographers, videographers, or animators who can provide a unique look and bring your campaign to life. 

Additionally, all artists in Twitter's ArtHouse are trained to optimize their creative assets specifically for Twitter’s platform, so you can be sure that everything will perform as needed once live. 

Get brand videos edited and optimized for the platform 

Editing videos can be a complex process — even more so when you’re trying to trim down existing assets to best suit a specific platform. 

Twitter ArtHouse allows brands to find editors who are well-versed in Twitter’s best practices for video and are able to edit down existing content into shorter, more platform-friendly versions that are able to catch the eye of users scrolling down their feed. 

In the announcement, Minero shared an example of how the editors at ArtHouse were able to scale down content created for a Dunkin’ Donuts TV commercial into a highly-visual, feed-friendly asset. 

The video used assets from the 16-second commercial below, scaled down to the most important visual assets that would captivate users’ attention, even if they didn’t click . 

For reference, the video on Dunkin’s YouTube channel only has 337 total views, while the Twitter-optimized version has nearly 2.9 million views and counting. 

Clearly, video is still king, but it’s important to think about your audience and how likely they are to see the asset, while also considering the optimal format. 

Luckily, Twitter’s team already has a deep understanding of what captivates attention, saving your brand time and money analyzing the best practices on your own. 

More engagement with live video

The ability to go “live” on social media has certainly changed the game for brands. 

You can connect with your audiences in the moment, having them all in one single place and engaging directly in real-time. 

However, it’s easier said than done. Sometimes, going live results in only having a small handful of viewers, and few commenters. This situation lowers the potential to engage new users, and your overall reach. 

To prevent this, Twitter ArtHouse’s Live Brand Studio can help brands maximize engagement when going live and make your brand the central focus for key users. 

Twitter stated that its Live Brand Studio has already help stream over 100 brand-led events, allowing marketers to build new audiences and engage existing fans with interesting live content. 

An example is a recent project with Bud Light for which Twitter’s Live Brand Studio hosted the live stream of Bud Light’s Dive Bar Tour. This offered users access to an exclusive Post Malone performance and gave Bud Light the opportunity to access more Twitter users than if it only went live to its own Twitter following. 


How to get started with Twitter ArtHouse

Clearly, ArtHouse offers significant benefits for brands trying to boost their success with Twitter but who don’t have the expertise or time to bring this initiative in-house. 

However, the convenience and expert input comes at a cost. 

Twitter user Matt Navara posted a leak of Twitter ArtHouse's pricing, and it’s steep, to say the least. 

According to this screenshot, it can cost brands up to $500K for a single campaign. 

It’s unconfirmed if this is the final pricing from Twitter, but it does show that Twitter feels that the services ArtHouse offers are valuable enough for people to shell out big. 

If you’re interested in investing with Twitter ArtHouse, Twitter encourages you to reach out to your brand’s Twitter representative, suggesting that this service (at least for now) can only be accessed by brands already affiliated with, or advertising with, other Twitter products. 

For now, you can follow ArtHouse on Twitter (@ArtHouse) for more updates surrounding the product. 

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