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Why Marketers Don’t ‘Walk the Walk’ When It Comes to Video [Infographic]

Why Marketers Don’t ‘Walk the Walk’ When It Comes to Video [Infographic] Blog Feature

Katie Pritchard

VP of Services, 8+ Years of Client-Facing Project Management & Digital Marketing Expertise

February 3rd, 2019 min read

2018 was a year of trial and error for marketers and video, but one thing is for sure: we all became more aware of the power of video on our sites and in our sales processes.

IMPACT created dozens of articles around the topic, which goes to show that we’re invested in focusing on video, but, we’re not the only ones.

A lot of other organizations are also seeing the value for their visitors and prospects.

Clearly, everyone seems to be “talking the talk,” but are they “walking the walk?”

This infographic from Animoto covers why marketers are bought into video and best practices, but also why they might not actually be implementing them regularly.

We’re covering the stats, and including resources to help shift this data.

If Video Works, Why Aren’t More Marketers Creating It?

According to those polled by Animoto, marketers say video is the #1 type of content for attracting attention on social, and 93% of marketers say they have gotten a new client from a video on social media.

Unfortunately, those same people are not creating as much video as they’d like.

When asked why, they said:

  • It’s too time-consuming

  • The tools/software are complicated

  • There is no budget for video

Though these are very valid points, we know when we hear these, it’s often more likely that:

  • Your organization is not fully bought into content creation

  • Your organization does not understand how essential video is in the sales process

When you don’t have the entire organization behind you, supporting video, it’s simply harder to get it done.

From the organizations we’ve worked closely with, we know that those who have a dedicated in-house videographer consistently create more video and generate or facilitate more business for their organization.

If you’re in the mood to get inspired by Marcus Sheridan talking about video, watch this recorded webinar.

What About Video Optimized for Mobile?

For those of you creating video - great!

But are all your bases covered? How about mobile?

85% of polled marketers say they consider how their videos appear on mobile, but they aren’t creating video for mobile.

Only 26% considered square or vertical formats in 2018 and only 42% considered using text when creating videos for social media.

Not only will modifying video for mobile devices be essential for all users of smaller devices, but text is essential to making your videos with the correct accessibility standards.

This is something that has to be prioritized when creating video - something that a dedicated videographer or video manager can add to their standard delivery.

Engaging Videos vs. Videos that Sell

Marketers want to showcase personality and connect with customers, but the top videos marketers are actually creating are:

  • Product ads

  • New product launch

  • Product description

What makes a video truly engaging? Is it simply that the content within the video is helpful, with the exact information the user is looking for?

Marc Amigone covers different video types your organization needs in this article (all of which are arguably just as engaging as they are ‘selling’ your company).

The end goal of every video is to build trust - and inevitably, if someone trusts you, they’ll buy from you.

Want to learn more about video pain points and how you can overcome?

Check out the original infographic from Animoto here:


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