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"Why we should all play at work" [Creator's Block, Ep. 116]

"Why we should all play at work" [Creator's Block, Ep. 116] Blog Feature

Marcella Jalbert

UX Designer, Host of ‘Creator’s Block’ Podcast, Designer for 50+ Sites on HubSpot

November 12th, 2019 min read

We've covered a lot of different ways to re-ignite the flame of creativity and find inspiration when the well seems to be dry, but this seems to be one way we have yet to discover.

The answer is simple: PLAY!

Designer, Drory Ben-Menachem, was inspired to bring the idea of playing into his routine after watching his young child grow and explore through play.

His article "Why We Should Play at Work: Embracing play in our creative field can make us happier and more productive" talks about the benefits of incorporating more fun/creative/exploratory time into our jobs. This addition not only creates happier employees, but also better outcomes in the projects we introduce them into.

Join Justine and I, as we delve into what it looks like bring a little more play into all of our days!

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What we talked about

  • What does play in the work place look like?
  • Fail fast, fail cheaply, fail often - Just do it already
  • Understand the difference between censoring and filtering
  • Flirt with the ridiculous, there is no idea too grand


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