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7 Episodes to Listen to On (or Before) Your Summer Vacation [Creator's Block]

7 Episodes to Listen to On (or Before) Your Summer Vacation [Creator's Block] Blog Feature

Justine Timoteo Thomas

Director of Inbound & Content Services, Host of Creator's Block Podcast, 10+ Years of Project Management Experience

June 25th, 2019 min read

Once summer hits, I feel the need to be outside, unplug, and simply recharge my brain. 

With the holiday weekend quickly approaching, we know many of you (ourselves included!) will be taking some much-needed time off.

Marcella and I want to help you reset and come back to work ready to tackle any chaos thrown your way!

Take a listen to our top seven episodes to enjoy before or during your summer downtime. 

Marcella’s Picks

1. "The Life Changing Magic of Brain Dumping" [Creator's Block, Ep. 103]

Many of us plan our relaxing vacations months in advance, but when the time actually comes we become are riddled with anxiety about the work we are leaving behind.

Did I ever send that last email? Did I upload that file? What if so-and-so has a melt down?

We don’t want to make more work for ourselves while were actually on PTO, but doing a brain dump before you check out (or even while you’re away) of all the things you think you might be missing could help you actually lay back and unwind.

Cause lord knows you need it, my friend!

2. "What is 'Hustle Culture' and How Do We Break It?" [Creator's Block, Ep. 102]

When we take time off, it can often become a game of “how many things that I’ve been meaning to do can I cram into this week.”

Which works for some people. SOME people.

Other people, like me, need to step back and regain space in order to come back from vacation not needing another vacation.

I think the mentality of “needing to make the most of our time off” is an offshoot of “hustle culture;" the idea that “I’ll relax when I retire," which I find totally unsustainable.

So hunker down with a beverage of your choosing and remind yourself that it’s okay to go against the grain.

3. "How and When to Say No" [Creator's Block Ep. 96]

This episode talked about the crazy time we call “Christmas Chaos” but I think it can also apply to “Summer Vacation Madness;” that inevitable time of the summer where at any given day at least one part of your team is missing and you yourself are preparing for your vacay.

Take this as a friendly reminder that you do have to say "no" at some point.

(Note to self: Take my own advice for once in your life.)

4. "Time Management and Holding Yourself Accountable" [Creator's Block Ep. 87]

In the weeks before your vacation, time management is crucial.

The last thing anyone wants is to be working till midnight the night before you’re going on a trip just so you can get everything done.

This episode will help you stay on top of the ever growing to-do’s that pop up before you take off.

Justine's Picks:

5. "Creator's Block Book Club: The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck"(Creator's Block Ep. 79)

Looking for your next book to read? Check out The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson! Then listen in to our book club episode where Marcella and I discuss the key takeaways and what we thought of Manson's lessons.

6. "Exploring the Toxic Myth of Fearless… Anything" [Creator's Block, Ep. 101]

Summertime is truly the perfect time to unplug and take a break. All too often we get caught up in the daily grind and it can be difficult to express just how overworked or stressed we are. 

We're afraid to admit it because we fear people will see us as less competent and lose trust or confidence in us.

The truth is though, fearless leadership can be toxic and it's vital to admit to your colleagues when you need a break.

Listen to this episode to learn exactly why trying to act fearless actually ends up holding us back and hurting others. 

7. "What Makes You an Invaluable Teammate" [Creator's Block, Ep. 100]

Listening to this episode towards the end of your vacation will fire you up for when you get back. It touches on the skills and traits we've learned to be invaluable on our teams.

Come back refreshed and ready to rock!

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