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"The power of sharing personal stories" [Creator's Block, Ep. 122]

"The power of sharing personal stories" [Creator's Block, Ep. 122] Blog Feature

Justine Timoteo Thomas

Director of Training, Host of Creator's Block Podcast, 10+ Years of Project Management Experience

February 11th, 2020 min read

My friend and colleague recently published an article that shared her deeply personal story about experiencing a miscarriage.

I was moved.

I had goosebumps the entire time I was reading, teared up when she mentioned what it felt like first learning she lost the baby, and outwardly shook my head at learning how so many baby-planning apps and websites seemed blind to such a large demographic of women.

I personally have not experienced what my friend has, and yet, I was still able to connect with her as a reader and was able to better understand her opinions on app-related UX... all because she shared her personal story.

Personal stories draw people in and can be such a powerful tool in marketing.

Readers, listeners. or viewers can connect with you on a deeper level, building trust and — ultimately — a relationship with you and your business.

In this week's episode, Marcella and I dive into why and how sharing personal stories can be so powerful.

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What we talked about

  • Painting a picture with your personal story
  • Why personal stories are so powerful
  • How to be brave and vulnerable in sharing


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