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"Using Data to Make Your Content Remarkable" with Claudia Pilgrim (Content Lab, Ep. 18)

"Using Data to Make Your Content Remarkable" with Claudia Pilgrim (Content Lab, Ep. 18) Blog Feature

Liz Moorehead

Director of Content and Curriculum, Speaker, Host of 'Content Lab' Podcast

December 5th, 2018 min read

This week’s conversation touches upon a topic that’s close to my heart -- and one we danced around a bit back in Episode 8, when I talked about SEO and content with Franco Valentino of Narrative SEO.

Bridging the mental divide between data and content for writers, copywriters, and marketers. 

I’ve talked to a lot of folks in our space who feel that data can inform decision-making, but ultimately it gets in the way of crafting compelling brand stories, when that couldn’t be further from the truth. 

So, I invited data-driven content queen Claudia Pilgrim, known to many as Ms. Copywriter, to debunk this way of thinking and teach others what data really is and why we should all embrace it as brand storytellers.


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Weekly Awesome: Data, the Missing Part of Your Content Strategy (CMI)

Claudia already shared a fantastic website during our chat that you all should bookmark -- Statista -- a powerful market research and statistics portal, but I want to share one other link for you to put in your back pocket until the next time you want to create a piece of data-driven content.

If you ever find yourself with an itch to toss all of the numbers out the window and totally "go with your gut" when developing the strategy for a single piece of content or a campaign -- or you know someone else who needs a reminder of why data is so important -- I want you to fire up your great computer machine and go to this article:

Data: The Missing Part of Your Content Marketing Strategy from Content Marketing Institute. 

It's an article I bookmarked when it first was published in 2015, back when I first made the pivot toward my content niche in the inbound world. 

Whenever I hear anti-data arguments, or I need a little personal reminder, I pull up that evergreen 3-year-old bookmark and let the wisdom wash over me. 

Here's one of my favorite passages:

"Setting clear goals and using data as your guide ensures that you are developing the right type of content, getting it in front of the right audiences, and understanding its impact in a way that lets you continually optimize your strategy.

I refer to this three-step framework as the three Cs: context, connections, and clarity – all of which are grounded in data."

If you remember nothing else from this episode -- aside from the fact that Claudia and I are both stunning Maryland content nerds -- let it be those three critical, data-driven Cs: context, connections, and clarity.

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