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How to write an irresistible blog introduction (Content Lab, Ep. 39)

How to write an irresistible blog introduction (Content Lab, Ep. 39) Blog Feature

Liz Moorehead

Director of Content and Curriculum, Speaker, Host of 'Content Lab' Podcast

November 29th, 2019 min read

If you don't nail the introduction, it doesn't matter how great the rest of your blog article is

I am dead serious about that.

If you aren't able to:

  • Establish who your article is for
  • What problem you're going to solve for them
  • And why you're the best person to help them

In a few short paragraphs, you're toast.

Even if what follows your introduction is as prolific as the Magna Carta, no one will read what you have to say if your introduction is a big flop.

No pressure, right, content marketers? 😰

Here's what you'll learn in this episode

So, in this episode, I'm in the hot seat sharing all of my best blogging tips about how to write a blog introduction that:

  • Hooks the exact audience you're trying to reach;
  • Makes you memorable as a content creator in their eyes; and
  • Doesn't leave you cursing the writer's block gods.

Specifically, I'll teach you my favorite fail-proof blog introduction formulas. Are you ready? Let's go!

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