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Most lead nurturing these days sucks, but a few people are doing it right [Hubcast 268]

Most lead nurturing these days sucks, but a few people are doing it right [Hubcast 268] Blog Feature

Carina Duffy

HubSpot Trainer, Co-Host of the Hubcast, IMPACT+ Instructor, INBOUND Speaker, Retains 12 HubSpot Certifications

February 18th, 2021 min read

This episode of the Hubcast is brought to you by the Website Optimization Summit on March 23rd.

Happy Valentine’s day Hubcast family. Because we love you so much, we’re bringing you all of the HubSpotty goodness.

Certified Dope: Katie at Mazzella’s "Pick your own adventure" lead nurturing

Stories from the front lines of HubSpot user-ing

Tell us, oh wise Jess.

Check out the full story here!

Submit your Certified Dope HubSpot stories at!

Carina Stirs the Pot: Why most lead nurturing sucks

Is the ultimate goal of email lead nurturing to get people to move through the buyer’s journey and into a sales conversation? I submit that it is not.

I have an IMPACT+ Lesson coming on this very topic...

Remember that one time…?

Remember that one time we had a moment of silence on our HubSpot Virtual Peer Group session for all the HubSpot Leads passed over to sales that never got a follow-up?

Interested in joining our monthly HubSpot Virtual Peer Group?? Hit us up in IMPACT+

HubSpot wishlist: Restrict pipeline viewing by specific people or teams

“Title says it all... different teams need access to different pipelines and deals. EG: Marketing doesn't need to see an HR pipeline.”

Vote it Up!

Of course, with permissions, you may not be able to see any of the deals on a pipeline you shouldn’t have access to, but why not just be able to restrict access altogether??

HubSpot updates

There’s a new, easy place to find product updates in your portal!

[Public Beta] Fiscal year setting and filters

“Now in beta is the ability for you to define your company's fiscal year inside of HubSpot…

Now, in CRM views you will be able to use rolling date ranges related to your fiscal year setting. In addition to the standard calendar year filters like "This Year" and "Last Quarter", you will now see "This Fiscal Year" and "Last Fiscal Quarter" which will relate to your company's fiscal period.”

[Now Live] Clone all and move all workflow actions

“From the "Actions" menu on a workflow action, choose clone or move. Within each, there are now additional options to clone/move not only that single action, but also to clone/move that action as well as all of the other actions that come after it.”

Bulk import images into HubSpot from an external website

“The bulk image import functionality can be accessed from the website page editor, landing page editor, blog post editor, and the email editor.

  1. Insert an image module into the desired part of the page/email
  2. Click "Browse images" > Click "Add image"
  3. Select the "From a URL" option
  4. Enter the URL of the page that contains the images you want to import into HubSpot
  5. Select the images you want to import
  6. Acknowledge the legal disclaimer signifying you're importing images you own
  7. Select the image that should appear in the image module

All images downloaded through this method are saved in the "bulk imported images" folder in the File Manager.”

11 new SEO audits available within the SEO Tool

“The SEO audit tool can now check both HubSpot-hosted and external websites for 11 new issues across several categories. Altogether, we now check a website for 27 different issues that affect its performance, mobile experience, ability to get crawled and indexed, user experience, security, and on-page SEO.

Here are the 11 new issues the tool now checks for. All of these checks leverage Google Lighthouse, an open-source library developed by Google to make it easier to build websites that provide a good experience to both search engine crawlers and human visitors.


  1. Page has images that aren't sufficiently compressed
  2. Page has images that are oversized
  3. Page uses plugins that cannot be indexed
  4. Page has elements that are too small and close together
  5. Page font is too small
  6. Page has content that's not correctly sized for the device viewport
  7. Page has an hreflang link with an invalid language code
  8. Page has an hreflang link with a relative URL
  9. Page has an invalid rel=canonical link
  10. Page references resources (images, CSS files, etc.) that don't load
  11. Page has external links that pose a security and performance risk”

Mobile Experience

Crawling & Indexing

User Experience


[Now Live] Add data to Google Sheets from Workflows

“You can use our new Google Sheets workflow extension to automatically create new rows of data in a Google Sheet or add data to an existing sheet…

Go to a workflow -> add an action -> Connect an App

  • Scroll to "Google Sheets" or search "Google Sheets"
  • Click on Google Sheets Extension
  • Authenticate in using Google Authentication
  • Go back to the Actions panel
  • Scroll to the bottom and select "Create Google Sheet row"
  • Select the spreadsheet you want from your Google Drive account
  • Choose the sheet tab you want to add data to
  • Select the row header you want to add data to
  • Define property values to pass into the cell - you can use Personalization tokens
  • Add up to 10 cells of data”

Until next time

Join the HubSpot User Slack and hang out with us!

If you’re listening on iTunes - head on over and leave us a review! We love hearing your feedback, so feel free to leave some in the comments, or shoot me an email at!

Until next time. This is Carina Duffy, Stephanie Baiocchi, Nick Bennett, and Jess Palmeri saying to you, get out there and get after it!

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By John Becker on August 17th, 2021

By John Becker on August 17th, 2021

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