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"18 Lessons We Learned in 2018" [Creator's Block Ep. 97]

"18 Lessons We Learned in 2018" [Creator's Block Ep. 97] Blog Feature

Marcella Jalbert

UX Designer, Host of ‘Creator’s Block’ Podcast, Designer for 50+ Sites on HubSpot

December 25th, 2018 min read

The end of the year always tends to be a time for some self reflection; a time when we look at what we’ve accomplished or learned over the last year.

So, Justine and I thought it would be a good idea to make a list of the 18 lessons we learned in 2018!

Join us for our final episode of the year as we count down the hard (and not so hard) lessons we've learned through the last 525,600 minutes.

Justine’s Lessons Learned in 2018

  1. Communicating effectively with colleagues and clients

  2. The need to say no

  3. Having a pet at home really DOES help with stress.

  4. Managing people is hard, but when they succeed, it’s the best...

  5. Growing a business is tough.

  6. Close down apps to help yourself focus.

  7. Therapy isn’t scary.

  8. My passion… is helping people!

  9. Connecting with people in person cannot be replaced.

Marcella’s Lessons Learned in 2018

  1. How to give up control

  2. Meditation really does something.

  3. You don’t need to have a perfect picture of your future.

  4. Know when you can actually multi-task versus not.

  5. I actually prefer working from home full-time.

  6. Sometimes you have to work 'til 10, get over it.

  7. Podcasting (and putting myself out there in general) isn’t as scary as I thought. (I made it through my first year!)

  8. How to listen to your intuition; what your body, mind, and soul need from you

  9. Writing can be fun.

Happy holidays, we'll see you in 2019!


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