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10 Victorious NFL Marketing Campaigns Blog Feature

Carolyn Edgecomb

Talent & Office Manager, 7+ Years of Logistics and New Hire Management

October 18th, 2013 min read

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you hear fall?

Depending on the person, most people typically think of pumpkins, apple picking, leaves and of course football.

Dada dada dada da daaaaaaa, dada dada dada da daaa daaaaaaaa, queue the trumpet. (Sorry that was my best attempt at humming theNFL theme song.)

When you think of football and the NFL; what comes to mind?  Most likely your favorite team, the super bowl, and marketing campaigns.

It's no surprise that 2 out of 3 adults watch the NFL. In many parts of the country, football is the number one sport and past time.

So it would make sense to say that NFL season is a great time for marketers. This is the time of the year when we can dig deep and capture the emotions of our audience.

Here's a look at some this seasons marketing campaigns that will be sure to make you laugh and capture your heart.

10 NFL Marketing Campaigns

1. Pepsi "Are You Fan Enough?"

Pepsi is an exclusive partner of the NFL.

For the start of the NFL season, Pepsi released their "Are You Fan Enough"? campaign on September 5, 2013 for the kickoff of the 2013 NFL football season.

A little fact, I don't know if all of you NFL and Pepsi fans know this but they have never featured all 32 teams in their marketing campaigns. This season they're going to take full advantage of it.

They aren't just creating a campaign; they're going to tell a story. Angelique Krembs, VP of Marketing, said, "Pepsi worked closely with the NFL and asked consumers how they feel about different periods of the season."

They're using that knowledge to develop an inspiring campaign fans can relate to. As the weeks go on, your team either wins or loses and we get closer to the Super Bowl, our feeling change. They are going to capture those shifts in emotion.

I don't know about you but I'm excited to see how the overall campaign turns out.

2. Bud Light "Dilemmas"



Will you do whatever it takes to ensure that your favorite team wins? Would you eat a quinoa veggie burger or spend a significant portion of your Sunday hanging out with Ramsey?

This is a spin on their "Superstitious" campaign that aired last season. Bud Light is highlighting the lengths that fans will go to help their team win.

They're showing the tension and dilemma that builds up within a fan when he or she is believe that they affect the outcome of the game and the practicality of continuing their new found superstitions.

Their overall goal is to do everything they can to enhance the NFL fan’s experience.

Rob McCarthy, VP Bud Light, said, “We know how fans think, and we understand that football becomes front and center in their lives from Kickoff weekend until the Super Bowl. Whether fans are watching at the stadium, at home or in a bar, and we’re proud to celebrate football fans’ passions for the game.”

3. Chevrolet "Convert"

This is a story about a father and son and the truck that brings them together during a camping trip. Silverado is dependable from one generation to the next. Strong. For all the roads ahead.

This Chevy commercial was the start of "Sports Center." You might be wondering why, it didn't feature a single NFL team or logo. This was an ad that showcased the relationship and bonding of a father and son.

It was successful because it was able to capture the hearts of its audience.

4. Old Spice

Snow Globe

Make a goal in one and score a home run touchdown for freshness.


If your only goal in life is smelling as fresh as a tropical island paradise, you may need to reexamine your life goals


When you've got the winning smell, your nose can't lose, and your armpits can't stop winning.

Have you seen these videos? They are hilarious. I didn't expect anything less from Old Spice.

The company features Denver Broncos wide receiver Wes Welker and New England Patriots linebacker Jerod Mayo sniffing deodorant. Which of the three commercials is your favorite? Mine has to be the snow globe.

5. Dunkin Donuts "Vine"

Sometimes 30-second commercials are just too long. Thankfully, there's Vine.

Dunkin Donuts made their first TV ad from a Vine. You might be thinking, what? And yes, it actually happened.  The ad appears in ESPN's five-second billboard ad unit.

Scott Hudler, VP of Global Consumer Engagement at Dunkin Brands says, "We think that a billboard using Vine is dramatically more engaging than a standard billboard with a corporate logo on it."

This is the third year that Dunkin is an ESPN sponsor for Monday Night Countdown.

6. Papa John's "NFL Network"

Are you a Thursday night football fan? If so, it may have just gotten a little sweeter. They have a special deal just for the fans. Get a large two topping and a 2-liter Pepsi-Cola product for only $12.

All this talk about football is getting me excited for Sunday.

7. Xbox One

Can you add my name to the list? Is there even a waiting list? How cool is that? Xbox is changing the way that you watch the game.

The functionality of the product is insane. Wouldn't you love to Skype with your friends or family while watching the game at the same time? Now you can.

8. McDonalds "Mighty Wings"

Bad Lip Reading

Where do I even start? The commercial? Their website? It's great. I love how interactive it is. There were so many commercials I couldn't add them all. But, my favorite has to be bad lip reading.

Whose got the #MightyWings? If you've been watching the NFL, you've probably seen the mighty wing commercials. Someone keeps stealing the mighty wings. They're so good that someone cannot keep their hands off them.

Have you seen the big reveal? If not, be sure to check it out. You might be surprised to find out whose been stealing the mighty wings.

9. ESPN "This is Sports Center: ..."

What does Sports Center look like? I'm not really sure either. But you can catch a sneak peek with ESPN's latest commercial.

I don't know about you but sometimes I like to push reporting off for as long as possible. Unlike Calvin Johnson, I don't go hiding. This is a great commercial that many people who work in an office setting can relate to.

10. DirecTV "Become the Worlds Most Powerful Fan"

Are you the most powerful fan? That is a question you might want to ask yourself after watching their series of commercials.

As the ultimate fan, you won't want to miss every second of every game. Every Sunday. Not just the highlights, but every play, every hit, every catch?

With week 7 just getting underway, there are plenty of more commercials to make  their debut. Here's some of the best ones you should keep your eye out for.

Which NFL season commercial is your favorite? I'd love to know.

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