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Doing Things the Inbound Way (The IMPACT Show Ep. 77)

Doing Things the Inbound Way (The IMPACT Show Ep. 77) Blog Feature

Stephanie Baiocchi

Director of Community & Events, Speaker, Co-Leader of the Chicago HubSpot User Group, Host of ‘The IMPACT Show’ Podcast

May 29th, 2019 min read

On this episode of The IMPACT Show, Nick and I discussed spending a little time to save a lot of time, event marketing in an inbound way, and more. We're joined by special guest Jen Barrell and we shout out to Elite member Christine Olley!

As we kicked off season three of the show we began publishing the video of the episodes to IMPACT Elite. If you want to check out the episode you'll have to join us in IMPACT Elite. Check out Episode 77.

Screen Shot 2019-05-29 at 10.27.21 AM

I've created a Facebook event you can join if you want to get reminded of each new episode! Episodes will air in IMPACT Elite every other Wednesday at 11:30am ET and Nick and I will be watching along side you and hanging out in the comments!

What Inbounders Be Talkin’ Bout

This is where we talk about what you - inbound pros working sales, marketing, service, and leadership - need to know and are talking about.

Spend Time to Save Time: Setting Up Sales Tools

Last week Nick and I spoke a lot about using video in the sales process. This week, we discussed a sales training I hosted for our team. The idea was to spend a little time setting up our HubSpot Sales tools to save a lot of time using them later on.

I have worked with so many sales teams who have struggled to "stop selling" and actually set up these tools. However, if you save just 10 minutes a day using the tools that's a full 40-hour work week over the course of a year. This is why we decided to spend an hour together and set up these tools so we could all use them and benefit from them.

The Inbound Doer’s Corner

This is where we pick someone from the community who we feel like you need to know about.

Our guest of the week is someone making great moves in their campaigns, have leadership lessons we can learn from, or are just overall awesome people you should make it a priority to get to know.

Want to be on the show? Apply here to be a guest.

This week we’re hearing from IMPACT's Director of Event Marketing, Jen Barrell. Jen and I spoke about event marketing and how we do it in an inbound way.

jen barrell

I want to point out one thing Jen said about staying top of mind with paid ads. We’re doing a live AMA in Elite all about Google Ads on June 4th at 11am with experts Jason Linde and Dan Baum. Make sure you check it out!

IMPACT Community Member Shout Out

This is when we give kudos to a member of our community who has stood out lately in IMPACT Elite. 

MPACT Elite is a community of over 4,900 passionate inbounders looking to help each other succeed. Join us in IMPACT Elite.  

This week we're shouting out a big congrats and thank you to Christine Olley!

Elite Member Shout Out

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