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14 indispensable IMPACT+ resources to crush your 2021 sales goals

14 indispensable IMPACT+ resources to crush your 2021 sales goals Blog Feature

September 18th, 2020 min read

Let’s state the obvious — 2020 hasn’t been easy. And, as a salesperson, I’m sure you felt the stress ten-fold. 

The stress of keeping your job, the stress of having to sell in an uncertain economic environment, and the stress of needing to find a way to sell that is sensitive to the current climate, the stress of having to adapt to virtual selling and video sales calls, now that you can’t meet face-to-face as easily as you used to.

To top it off, I’m sure you’ve felt the weight of the company on your shoulders; you need to bring in revenue so the company could keep the lights on. 

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Every decision you’ve made, and continue to make moving into 2021 is critical. It’s critical to not only your personal success within your sales role, but the success of your company. 

This is the time to not only close out the year strong, but make strategic plans of how you can best position yourself to kick off the new year. (Which is only four months away! How is that possible?) 

I’m here to make things a little easier for you 

If you aren’t familiar, we have an online learning platform called IMPACT+ which has a ton of great content geared towards helping sales professionals. 

Instead of you spending time doing research into the tactics and strategies you should put in place to close out the year strong and go into the year on the best foot possible we’ve done some of the heavy lifting for you.

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Two things you have access to within IMPACT+ as a user are keynote recordings from leading experts in the digital sales and marketing world, as well as courses. In this article, I’m going to dive into the material I would recommend you check out as you’re planning your sales tactics. (And psst, majority of them are free resources.) 

On-demand videos, sessions, and recordings

All of these on-demand talks, videos, and sessions are free with an IMPACT+ account, but you do need to sign up for an IMPACT+ account to access them:

How to become a masterful communicator on camera and wow your prospects while doing it by Zach Basner and Marcus Sheridan 

Learn simple on-camera techniques that will make you more comfortable and confident

See real stories and examples of sales pros like you, crushing it with video.

How to create revenue-generating content quickly (so you can get back to selling) by Liz Moorehead

In under 30 minutes, you’ll unlock the only strategic content planning processes and tools you’ll ever need to prepare for (and/or create) the revenue-generating assignment selling content and videos you need to close more deals faster. You’ll also learn the hallmarks of what memorable, engaging, money-making content looks like, and EXACTLY how to make yourself stand out from your competitors efficiently and painlessly.

How to dramatically improve your close rates by integrating content into the sales process by Zach Basner 

In this session, you’ll discover the importance of leveraging content in the sales process, spending less time educating in sales meetings, and ensuring you’re always working with qualified prospects. You’ll see how it works, what’s possible when done correctly, and how to start implementing it tomorrow.

Inbound prospecting: How to turn your database into a lead-producing goldmine by Bob Ruffolo and Myriah Anderson 

Did you know there's a goldmine of leads sitting right there in your contact database? In this session you will learn how to analyze the opportunities already within your business, communicate with those leads in a way that generates high response rates, an increase the amount of revenue from your inbound marketing investment.

Whether you're looking to improve the earlier part of your sales process, set up more sales appointments, or just get started with inbound in general, this session is for you.

Pivoting Sales Strategy During a Crisis by Yamini Rangan 

The days of handshake deals over coffee have been put on pause, and many are questioning - how do sales teams adjust? Is it still possible to build a pipeline and sell in a remote and hesitant world? We’ll talk about tactical shifts that sellers can make in order to address the way that buyers and their needs are changing.

Sales mindset: 3 strategies to help you effectively sell at your peak performance even in challenging circumstances by Donald Kelly 

Donald shares three strategies backed by neuroscience to help you perform at peak levels, so you can close more deals faster… even when the odds are seemingly stacked against you.

Online courses for sales professionals

Again, all of these courses are free with an IMPACT+ account, but you do need to sign up for an IMPACT+ account to access them:

Fundamentals of the visual sale

In this course, you’ll learn how a highly-effective sales professional (and sales team) can unlock the power of video and visual communication.

By understanding and applying the philosophies of “The Visual Sale,” you’ll see dramatic improvements in buyer engagement, shorten the sales cycle, and build more trust with your prospects and customers.

Assignment selling: Content is your greatest sales tool

In this course, you’ll learn the importance of leveraging content in the sales process, spending less time educating in sales meetings, and ensuring you’re always working with qualified prospects. You’ll see how Assignment Selling works, what’s possible when it’s done correctly, and how to start implementing it tomorrow.

6 topics subject matter experts need to address

Uncover the most vital pieces of content that a business can create for their prospect to not only get more leads but close deals faster.

Online courses for sales professionals included with Pro membership

These courses can only be accessed by a paid account: 

Digital Communication Techniques for 1:1 Sales

In this course you’ll master the fundamentals of crafting engaging emails that help move your prospect along in the buying journey more quickly and with more confidence. Deals stalling because of a lapse in communication with email will be a problem of the past.

Fundamentals of Highly Effective Sales Communication

Master effective communication in sales before, during, and after an interaction with a buyer. You’ll learn how to have more control over the direction of your conversations, achieve a new level of trust with prospects and more.

Virtual Sales Appointment Strategies That Close Deals Faster

Examine today’s virtual marketplace, its effect on the sales process, and how to master virtual sales appointments that take less time and move more buyers to action.

How to Role Play Virtual Selling with Your Team

In this course you’ll learn the importance of role-playing and how to execute effective role-play scenarios that actually help grow the confidence of your team, help them master the right communication techniques in a private environment (rather than in front of buyers), and ultimately improve your sales process and customer experience.

Video Selling Strategy

How do you sell in a video-first, virtual workplace? Learn how to use video in every stage of the sales process to improve engagement and increase revenue.

Time is money, but so is your professional development

I just threw a lot of resources your way. And I’m sure you’re thinking, “I don’t have much time as it is, and the time I do have needs to go towards selling.” But think about the return of investing time into learning tactics that are going to help you sell more, and sell more effectively.

Plus, we created these courses with the busy sales professional in mind. On average lessons and event recordings within courses are 30-minutes. Allowing you to cram one in during a lunch or coffee break each day.

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Each decision you make, especially in this climate is a critical one. These resources will ensure that you are putting the right tactics in place to see an increase in your revenue, and that you’re set up for kicking off the new year as strong as possible. 

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