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Learning and Leveraging the Resources You Have (The IMPACT Show Ep. 75)

Learning and Leveraging the Resources You Have (The IMPACT Show Ep. 75) Blog Feature

Stephanie Baiocchi

Director of Community & Events, Speaker, Co-Leader of the Chicago HubSpot User Group, Host of ‘The IMPACT Show’ Podcast

May 1st, 2019 min read

On this episode of The IMPACT Show, Nick and I discussed step by step playbooks for success with inbound, myths marketers believe about web developers, some life hacks and quick tips, and more! Plus, we're joined by special guest Chris Bryant and give a shout out to our featured Elite member, Jennifer Goode!

As we kicked off season three of the show we began publishing the video of the episodes to IMPACT Elite. If you want to check out the episode you'll have to join us in IMPACT Elite

the impact show episode 75I've created a Facebook event you can join if you want to get reminded of each new episode! Episodes will air in IMPACT Elite every other Wednesday at 11:30am ET and Nick and I will be watching along side you and hanging out in the comments!

What Inbounders Be Talkin’ Bout

This is where we talk about what you - inbound pros working sales, marketing, service, and leadership - need to know and are talking about.

The Inbound Success Playbooks

The team here at IMPACT created these inbound success playbooks that include step by step process overviews, expert insights, and real life examples of inbound in action. You can literally learn everything you need to know to transform your business with inbound in these playbooks. 

I chose to share these on this episode for two reasons. First, I think you'll all find at least one of them helpful! Second, this is probably something you can do for your organization. You have a lot of expertise to share and you should consider if this could work for you.


Stephanie's Quick Tip:

My quick tip this week is that I used automation to help remind my team to use our automation! That's right, so meta. I created a HubSpot Sales sequence of emails with tips for my sales team on how to use sequences. Nothing like using automation to follow up on a training and keep team members engaged! 

Myths Marketers Believe About What Web Developers Do

Nick shared an article about myths marketers believe about what web developers do - and it's one we should all take the time to read. Nick shares all the things he learned from the article as well as ways that we, as marketers, can better work with our developer teammates. 


Nick's Quick Tip:

Nick's tip this week is to plan ahead when creating content. He experienced the problems that come with not planning ahead this past week when working on his blog article. Nick reminded us that you absolutely can find the time to do your work and create great content but you have to plan ahead to hit your deadlines and not let your team down. 

The Inbound Doer’s Corner

This is where we pick someone from the community who we feel like you need to know about.

Our guest of the week is someone making great moves in their campaigns, have leadership lessons we can learn from, or are just overall awesome people you should make it a priority to get to know.

This week we spoke with IMPACT community member and Creative Director at Empire Studios, Chris Bryant. 

show guest chris bryant

Chris shared what he's working on currently and how if you do the same thing it could have huge results for your organization. 


IMPACT Community Member Shout Out

This is when we give kudos to a member of our community who has stood out lately in IMPACT Elite. 

MPACT Elite is a community of over 4,800 passionate inbounders looking to help each other succeed. Join us in IMPACT Elite. 

Jennifer Goode gets our Elite member shout out this episode! 

Jennifer has been all over Elite lately sharing an open job opportunity, asking specific questions, providing thoughtful and detailed responses to other member's questions, and more. Plus, she just got her VIP ticket to join us at IMPACT Live this August!

Elite Member Shout Out

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Join Us Next Time! 

We'll be back again in two weeks. Until next time...we'll see you in Elite!


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