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Deliver More Interactive Ads with New 3D Display and Live Stream Formats

Deliver More Interactive Ads with New 3D Display and Live Stream Formats Blog Feature

Carolyn Edgecomb

Talent & Office Manager, 7+ Years of Logistics and New Hire Management

June 26th, 2019 min read

Delivering highly engaging ads is important for catching your audience’s attention and getting them to click through. 

With the release of Google’s newest ad formats, 3D Display and Live Stream, marketers are now able to show more than a static image. People love visual content. With 3D display, you can allow consumers to experience all aspects of a product, bringing it to life.

In turn, consumers are able to experience a product online like never before — almost as if they were seeing it in person.

Let’s take a deeper look into these two ad formats and how your brand can implement these formats into ad campaigns.

Effectively Showcase Products with 3D Display

While more consumers are making purchases online, it's still hard to know exactly what will come in the mail. As consumers, there’s nothing worse than opening a package and the product doesn’t meet your expectations.

Google is making its ad experience more engaging and interactive with the release of Swirl, a new 3D display ad format that is designed specifically for mobile web browsing.

With this ad format, consumers are able to zoom in and out, rotate an image, and play an animation. 

Jean-Denis Mariani, the Chief Digital Officer of Guerlain, has been utilizing Google’s 3D ad format.

“Swirl is opening up a whole new creative canvas for us. We're able to tell a more dynamic story about our products and give customers a powerful new way to interact with them.”

Here are two examples of the ad format, courtesy of Google.


Implementing 3D Ads

You can set up this ad format through Display and Video360, Google’s all-in-one campaign management tool that allows you to easily manage campaigns and make sure you’re reaching the right audience.

If you don’t already have 3D content at your fingertips, you can utilize either Google Web Designer or Poly to effectively implement 3D ad displays. 

Google recently released Poly, its newest editor meant specifically for creating 3D content for Swirl display ads. Through Poly you’re able to change animation, customize backgrounds, and implement realistic reflections. 

Use Live Stream Ads to Expand the Reach of Your YouTube Live Videos

People enjoy watching live events. As consumers it allows us to engage and comment in real time. 

At IMPACT, this is something we’ve noticed. As we built out our new office, we created a massive video wall that we use for presentations and weekly all-hands meetings. But the wall also allows us to display live broadcasts such as virtual conferences and an occasional Women’s World Cup game.

Live content is a great way for you and your brand to connect and develop relationships with your audience. While creating live content be difficult, often times the hardest part is spreading awareness and letting your audience know you’re live.

With Google’s newest ad format, you can run your YouTube live content in display ads across desktop and mobile screens. With the live steam, people will have the ability to interact with the ad similar to the way they would a YouTube video. They can preview your live stream, watch in fullscreen, and they’re even able to exit when done without even leaving the ad.

Check out this example from eBalm, courtesy of Google.


While both of these ad formats are live, they are still in beta. If you can’t find either of these ad formats in your Display and Video360 account, Google suggests reaching out to your account manager to see if you can get access to them.

What are your thoughts on these new ad formats? Are you excited to start implementing them? We’d love to hear your thoughts. Let us know in IMPACT Elite!

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