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Social video trends you can't ignore this year [Infographic]

Social video trends you can't ignore this year [Infographic] Blog Feature

Megan Lang

Video Editor, 5+ Years of Video Production & Editing

April 11th, 2020 min read

We’re in the middle of a pandemic — a situation that has forced people to be inside — and video has emerged as a primary source of communication, education, and entertainment.

Yes, people will be looking for funny videos to distract themselves, but they’ll also be looking for information that they can use when this is all over. 

You can be the one to provide that information, or offer them something else they might need in this time through video.

We’re arguably consuming more video than ever right now — most of it on social media and more and more people social distancing are just waiting to discover you. 

Whether it's just our friends posting, or brands, video is everywhere on social media and a lot of marketers are using it to their advantage, to advertise specific products or just their brand in general. 

But how do they know if they’re doing it right? If they’ll see success?

Animoto surveyed 500 marketers and consumers to see what their social media video experience has been this year and shared the trends that emerged.

This gives a good insight into what might work for you for the future.

Let’s look at the highlights.

Invest in sponsored video

The promotion of a brand’s social videos isn’t free of course, but it seems like it was worth it to marketers.

Of the 500 surveyed, 91% were happy with their investment; probably because 93% of them got a new customer from it.

While the actual ROI will vary, these results are remarkable. It shows just how much people absorb and retain information given to them through social media videos. 

Facebook remains most popular

93% of marketers posted on Facebook, making it still the most popular site for marketers. It also has the largest number of users, making it the platform with the most reach...

But Instagram may be most effective!

While Facebook might seem like the place to be, as it’s the most popular, Instagram might earn you a better chance at a new customer.

64% reported obtaining a new customer from Facebook, while 79% reported a new customer gained from Instagram. 

It looks like Instagram might be a good place to invest if you’re looking to expand your customer base using social video.

Check out the infographic below and get inspired to get going on your own social media videos.



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