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Inbound Marketing Careers and Salaries

Inbound Marketing Careers and Salaries Blog Feature

Natalie Davis

VP of Talent & Admin, Co-Creator of IMPACT's Core Values, Vision, and Culture Code

November 10th, 2018 min read

To make your inbound marketing vision a reality, you also need to know the realities of the field in the present day: what kind of jobs await you, and what kind of salary you can expect.

Thinkers and Visionaries

Job titles include:

These people are the ones who see the big picture, who draw up the buyer personas, who control the direction of every campaign at a high-level.


Job titles include:

Working in concert with the strategists, these people use their chosen field of expertise to help make inbound campaigns more effective: how to choose the best keywords to target with a given piece of content, or what kind of “personality” your social media accounts should project.

Content Creators

Job titles include:

These are the hardworking people in the trenches who are tasked with implementing your content strategy.


Job titles include:

With help from the strategists and specialists, these people design and code your website to be in line with your inbound marketing strategy.

Of course, no matter which position you occupy, your compensation will depend on several factors. Your company’s location and industry will play a role, but so will your experience, the skill set that you've developed, and your contribution to the success of previous campaigns.

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