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A Potential Client’s Common Inbound Marketing Experience

A Potential Client’s Common Inbound Marketing Experience Blog Feature

Bob Ruffolo

Founder & CEO, Keynote Speaker, Entrepreneur, Recipient of Comparably’s Best CEO ’17

December 27th, 2011 min read

Inbound Marketing ExperienceInbound marketing experiences can be great from the marketer’s end if it brings some profit. But trying to determine how a client feels and what she/he expects when pursuing via inbound marketing is of utmost importance. However, as inbound marketing is quite a new thing in the marketing world, the experiences of a client can be a bit different and unusual.  However, the fact remains that the client would be the one who found your product and approached you. Attempting to focus on the entire process that a client experiences is going to be extremely helpful to you.

They find you online

This is the aim of the inbound marketing strategies that you employ. This can be quite different from that of the outbound marketing strategies. For example, when  someone needs any product, she/he is supposed to Google it. If you optimize your website to the search engines, there remains the possibility that you would be the one to be approached. By the way, there are certain other inbound marketing strategies like social media marketing and article or blog marketing which can generate leads as well. In fact, Hubscore reports that 78% of the potential buyers conduct product searches online.

On the other hand, when executing outbound marketing, you have to execute cold calls, send spammy emails, advertise on newspapers and televisions and so on. But, the truth is that almost 97% of the money spent on outbound marketing is basically spoiled. So, if you focus on inbound marketing, it would be the client who will find you online.

They engage in an offer

When a visitor feels interested in your products and visits your website, your business planning starts then. Marketers usually leave persuasive pages for the clients to land. These are called landing pages. When a client visits the landing page, she/he gets some quick ideas of the offers that the company offers. If any of the offers matches with what she/he is expecting, the further negotiations start then.

However, for a marketer, the landing page is the most important thing. It has to have great content and authenticity. Use a persuasive language as well so that the client feels like it is absolutely for him/her.

They are nurtured

You cannot expect that each and everyone visiting your website would engage in buying products. But, the more people buy, it means the stronger your marketing strategy is. When you find a possible customer, you need to nurture him/her until the sale if executed. Regular communication with the client is highly necessary because it helps him/her to get persuaded very easily. Some of the commonly practiced methods of communication are email marketing, sending newsletters, offering discount rates etc. in a word, the more communication is made with the client, the more special s/he feels. But, never overstuff communication. If you do so, the client may start thinking that you have no other customer at hand which gives a negative image if your business.

Ready to Buy

A lead is merely a potential client unless the buying process is executed. In this stage, the potential client will step out to buy the desired products. This is the most important level of inbound marketing. However, when the client browses the sales page, make sure that a summary of things that s/he would buy along with the detailed price is viewed. It is highly necessary for avoiding any misunderstanding. Here, two important things have to be remembered, one is how to execute the sales process and another is how you engage the Customer Management Services to remember the client’s details.

A client may feel insecure if it is not affirmed that the personal information that they have given to you are temporary and for no third party usage.

Great experience

This final stage shows you whether the client was satisfied with the transaction or not. It depends on the after business treatment that whether the client would be a returning client or not. Use modest language as well.

Finally, inbound marketing is a wholesome business strategy that focuses on the entire business procedure – starting from lead generation to after sales services. This next generation of marketing does not only a pleasant way marketing products, it also comforts the clients. In addition, to accord with the benefits of inbound marketing, thecontentsquad.com reports that at least 54% of the marketers are increasing their inbound marketing budgets in 2011.

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