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The Beginners Guide to Inbound Sales
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See faster close rates and happier customers by shifting to inbound sales.

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4 Essential Areas to Spruce Up for Spring Sales Success

By Anna Adamczyk

Anna Adamczyk also recommends this free guide, The Beginners Guide to Inbound Sales.

4 Essential Areas to Spruce Up for Spring Sales Success

spruce-up-for-spring-sales-success.jpgIt’s safe to say we are on our way to longer days and warmer weather, but admit it, you’re probably a bit worn out from fighting those winter blues.

It’s nothing to be ashamed of since you’re undoubtedly not the only one feeling low, but it’s time to pull yourself out of whatever funk you’re in and rev up for spring sales. It’s time to make the most of these April showers and bring on the May flowers.

So, what spring cleaning should you be doing to dust off your sales motivation?

Free Guide: The Beginners Guide to Inbound Sales

Here are the 4 areas you should bring your attention to:

Area #1: Time Management

Project/time management seems to be the first thing to suffer when we’re feeling stressed, unmotivated, and uninspired,  but it’s also one of the things that can make the biggest difference in getting us back on track to success.

If you’re finding yourself wasting time or simply feeling overwhelmed by not having enough hours in the day, it’s high time to sort out your schedule.

Try this:

Make a list of the top activities that make a difference in your sales.

The number of first appointments you’re having is key. Follow-ups is also something you need to focus on, but what else is important when you’re trying to move the needle?

Schedule time on your calendar that will be dedicated to follow-ups or outreach.

If you’re also constantly inputting real-time information in your CRM, you’ll later avoid the arduous task of having to backfill. This only wastes time and also runs the risk of you forgetting vital details.

Grouping similar tasks together will also help you resist the urge to multitask (which can suck up your time and productivity like a black hole).

To avoid the temptation of checking your email every few minutes when a new message pops in, schedule a few short periods throughout the day that you can dedicate to checking and replying to emails.

Area #2: Your Outreach Approach

Are you still sending templated emails or using the same phone prompt for every customer? If you’re already bored of it, trust me, your prospects are too. So, switch it up!

Try this:

Schedule a workshop with yourself or even others on your team to analyze each other’s emails and phone calls.

Come prepared with your most used email templates and lines that you’re saying on the phone.

What can you change? Has anything evolved inside your company or industry that you can now use a different phrase to describe something? Are there new success stories you can share with your prospects?

Listen to each other and give constructive feedback. Trying new approaches, testing different subject lines, and experimenting with different conversation starters over the phone, could open up a whole new world of possibilities for you.

With fresh ideas and a more conversational tone, you will be more enthusiastic and your prospects will be too.

Area #3: Your Network

Having contacts is important in every business.

While you surely have some kind of professional network, expanding it periodically and nurturing it continuously is crucial.

If you’ve waited until now to come out of your winter hibernation, then it’s time to spring ahead and start looking for more opportunities and ways to connect with others.

Try this:

Do a quick search for events in your industry.

The spring and summer months are usually packed with various summits, seminars, or conferences filled with terrific networking opportunities.

Also, consider getting more involved on LinkedIn. In sales, you’re probably using it as a tool to connect with leads and clients, but make sure you’re also taking advantage of any connections you may have to colleagues and leaders in your industry.

If you’re willing to write and have something to share that others will benefit from, try your hand with publishing a post on LinkedIn Pulse.

If that’s not something you’re comfortable doing yet, join a few groups and comment on the pieces others have written. It will be a great way to gain lots of information while connecting with other professionals.

Area #4: Your Industry Knowledge

Be honest, when was the last time you really sat down to brush up on everything new that’s happening in your industry and sales?

Despite your best intentions, it’s probably been a while and you’re just kidding yourself by pretending nothing’s changed.

Taking time to read, watch, and learn as much as you can will make you more knowledgeable when you’re selling and also help reignite your interest and enthusiasm for what you’re doing.

Try this:

If you’re going to head to an industry event, make sure you’re there to learn in addition to all the networking you’ll be doing.

When you’re connecting, commenting, and interacting on LinkedIn, make sure you’re taking away at least one practical piece of information from each article you read.

Your morning or evening commute is the perfect time to squeeze in some education that relates to your career. There are endless amounts of newsletters, videos, podcasts, and books you can utilize to increase your knowledge and excel your success. Search for some right now and bookmark them so you’re never without something to learn from.

Key Takeaway

Don’t let the wavering winter blues hold you in their clutches. Start spring cleaning your time management skills, outreach approach, networking efforts, and industry knowledge to put a fresh pep in your step and renew your chances of success.

[Playbook] Inbound Sales Guide Cover

Free Guide:

The Beginners Guide to Inbound Sales

See faster close rates and happier customers by shifting to inbound sales.

In this guide, you'll learn:

  • Inbound Sales vs. Outbound Seals
  • 5 Steps in the Inbound Sales Process
  • Getting Started and Troubleshooting


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Published on April 20, 2016

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