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4 Lead Generation Opportunities You’re Probably Ignoring

4 Lead Generation Opportunities You’re Probably Ignoring Blog Feature

August 19th, 2014 min read

4_lead_generation_opportunities_youre_probably_ignoringA business with no leads translates to a business with no sales.

A business with no sales translates to a business with no profit. 

In sum, a business with no leads will inevitably result in a really unhappy boss. 

If all of the above sounds like a mess you're not willing to get involved in, it's important that you're enabling your business to succeed by implementing a dynamic lead generation strategy.

With so much riding on your ability to generate qualified leads, your business can't afford to not consider more than one techniqueJust because something is working now, doesn't guarentee it will be working next quarter. 

To ensure that you have a plan for alternative lead generation sources, we've identified 4 opportunities you're probably ignoring (but shouldn't be.) 


When you launch a lead generating campaign around a new offer, it's important that you take advantage of any and all opportunities to promote it through multiple distribution channels.

In terms of driving people to our premium content, we've seen a lot of luck with SlideShare presentations. 

They're quick, visual and serve as a helpful way to drum up a bit of buzz for your offer. 

The key here is to make sure that your SlideShare and your offer are seamlessly aligned. We like to give away enough to strike the interest of our readers so that they feel compelled to download the full offer.

Here's an example of a SlideShare we created to promote our "The Digital Marketer Vs. The Traditional CEO: How to Coexist and Grow Your Business" ebook:

Focus on a topic that is relevant to your audience, optimize your title, description, and tags, and don't be afraid to promote your presentation across different platforms. 

Existing Content

Older content doesn't translate to useless content. 

In fact, it's likely that a sizeable number of your top-performing resources are several months, maybe even years old. 

In terms of lead generation, you want to be sure that these resources aren't collecting dust.

If they're organically still generating traffic and leads, consider the benefits of giving them a fresh push on social media. 

Filtering a few new tweets centered around the offer into your queue serves as a way to reintroduce it to your audience and open up opportunities for more conversions. 

Maybe you have a handful of blog posts on Twitter best practices that still see a lot of traction. You can either update the bottom of the post CTA for each blog post with a new, more aligned offer, or bundle them to create a entirely new piece of premium content. 

So before you exhaust your time and energy creating a new offer from scratch, leverage what already exists to generate leads.

Twitter Lead Generation Cards

As a result of the frequency in which I blog for IMPACT, it's not uncommon for me to receive quite a few mentions of my content on Twitter on any given day. 

Being well-versed in Twitter etiquette, I do my best to take the time to thank those who have shared my article with their network. It helps to humanize our brand, engage our audience, and generate top of mind awareness. At the very least, it's polite. 

But what if I could provide these people with not only a thank you, but an immediate opportunity to subscribe to our blog as well? 

With Twitter Lead Generation Cards, it's not only possible, but it would look a little something like this:


By eliminating any heavy lifting required to foster a conversion, Twitter Lead Generation cards essentially make it easy for users to directly send their contact information over with the click of a button.

For more on how to get started with them, click here.

Video Content

Video serves as a way for marketers to entertain and engage their audience in ways that text simply cannot. 

For example, many businesses will employ an explainer video to introduce their business, latest campaign, or update. This type of video serves as a quick, visual way to educate their audience and move them closer to a purchasing decision. 

While it's certainly engaging, does it have what it takes to generate leads?

You see, having a video on your website means little if you're unclear on whether or not it's resonating. For all you know, people might be watching the first 10 seconds and then moving on to the next shiny thing. 

With a video hosting service like Wistia, marketers are granted access to analytics that help them determine the influence of their video. Are people watching it from start to finish? Are they rewatching certain parts? With Wistia, you don't have to guess. 

While this information is helpful, the email collector or capture box feature helps to ensure that your videos are not only resonating, but they're actually generating leads. 

Why settle for just a video when all of this is possible?

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