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4 Ways to Prevent Your Marketing from Having a Case of the Mondays

By John Bonini

4 Ways to Prevent Your Marketing from Having a Case of the Mondays put the baseball bat down, and step back away from the copier.

We get it, it's Monday, and you've just strolled into the office to see that you need to do some major tweaks to your marketing in order to hit your weekly projections. What the heck happened over the weekend?

Marketing seems to slip for the simple fact that you're not in the office. You're home enjoying a nice beverage and cheesy On Demand horror movie. But it's ok, you can still have your beer and drink it too.

Just because you're on break over the weekend doesn't mean your marketing has to be as well. In this blog, we've detailed some of the precautions we take here at IMPACT to ensure our clients marketing campaigns (as well as our own) do not suffer the dreaded "case of the Monday's."

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4 Ways Your Marketing Can Avoid a Case of the Mondays

1. Marketing Automation

It's a constant source of frustration for marketers; you come in Monday morning to find that your traffic and leads have dipped. Which can be expected, as you weren't in the office.

But if you're sick of playing catch up the rest of the week, start automating your marketing. Schedule out blog posts for the weekend on Thursday or Friday (believe it or not, people still love reading good content over the weekend.)

To take it even further, you can also schedule out all of your social media posts for the weekend ahead of time as well, especially if you're using the HubSpot software which simplifies and streamlines your entire marketing campaign.

Want a Tweet to go out Saturday afternoon about your new Ebook? Using the social media publishing tool in HubSpot, this is only a few clicks away.

By taking these measures, your marketing will effectively be doing all the work for you during your relaxing weekend. Traffic and leads will continue to flow in (granted, not as fast and plentiful as the work week when everyone is in front of their computers), but there certainly won't be a lot of catching up to do come Monday morning.

2. Analytics

This should be the first thing you do every Monday morning (and any other morning for that matter.) Assess the current stats of your marketing. Are you on pace to meet your goals of traffic and leads?

If not, what can you be doing to make sure you get back on track? Check your traffic sources to see what's performing well and what needs some tweaking. If come Monday, your traffic is down due to a dip in email marketing,'s time to draft up some killer emails.

If you noticed your visits from social media have gone down, perhaps it's time to engage a little bit more this week.

How do your leads look? Using the HubSpot software, you can set your own custom goals for your leads, this way you can stay on top of meeting them. If your leads are a bit under the goal line, start planning out what you can do this week to get back over. More emails? A new offer? More blogging?

The only way to right the ship is to analyze what's affecting the its direction.

3. Projection

Once you've gone over your marketing analytics to effectively measure how you performed over the weekend, it's time to make some projections for the week.

Plan out some realistic goals based off what you know you're going to be doing this week. Fill out your blog editorial calendar for the week as well as a plan for your social media marketing. Set a realistic goal of where'd you'd like to be traffic and lead-wise by the end of the week.

Having clear goals helps to not only give you some direction, but also a plan for sticking to it.

4. Execute

Sounds obvious, right?

But here's the most important part, after analyzing your marketing, setting goals for where you'd like to be, it's now time to take the steps necessary to meet those goals.

Start preparing your blog content, craft up some emails, start engaging on social media. And when you start approaching mid-week, it's time to once again think about your marketing automation for the weekend.

Mastering your Marketing

Looking to learn more about inbound marketing? Contact IMPACT and learn how we can help!

Free Assessment:

How does your inbound marketing measure up?
Take this free, 5-minute assessment and learn what you can start doing today to boost traffic, leads, and sales.


Inbound Marketing
Published on October 8, 2012

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