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Google to Integrate User Reviews and Photos in Shared Endorsement Ads

Google to Integrate User Reviews and Photos in Shared Endorsement Ads Blog Feature

October 11th, 2013 min read

Google to Integrate User Reviews & Photos in SHared Endoresment AdsToday, Google made an update to their Terms of Service. The new changes will benefit you, the customer.

What they've done is changed how ads and reviews will show up in search results by accessing your Google+ profile.

Now Google is able to share a users profile name, photo, reviews that they have written, and ads they have +1'd.

The experience is now about you and your connections.

Google wants to give you – and your friends and connections – the most useful information. Recommendations from people you know can really help.

What This All Means

Now Google is going to use you, the user.  They are going to use reviews you've added to restaurants and companies to help advertise.

Here's an example: Last night you went to a restaurant and loved it. There was great customer service and the food was to die for. After such a great experience, you cannot help but go home and write a glamorous review.

Lets say someone you are connected with on Google+ does a search for restaurants on Google, if that restaurant pops up in their search results so will your review.

Your review will show up underneath the link to the website. Don't worry about the whole world seeing your review, only people you're connected with on Google+ can see it.

Google Terms of Service Update

Your name and photo will also pop up if you +1'd an ad or a company. So if you endorsed the new Katy Perry album with your Google+ account, your name will show up with the ad for the album.

This update is used for all different Google platforms like Maps, Play, Search, and like I mentioned before advertising.

Google does not force you to participate in this new update. On your Google+ profile there is an easy switch to navigate to so you can decline to have your information shared.

How This Can Help You

What Google is trying to do is make it easier for consumers to find businesses and products they would like.

By adding a familiar face to an ad, it's making it easier for consumers to click on it.

Whenever I am going to a new restaurant or buying a new product I want to see what people think about it. Google allows me to see reviews from people I know about the product right away.

I don't have to click on other websites or pick up my phone and call someone. Right below the link is all I need to make my decision.

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