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Stephanie Baiocchi

By Stephanie Baiocchi

Dec 14, 2018


Inbound Marketing
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Inbound Marketing

I Saw Mommy Email Santa Claus (The IMPACT Show Ep. 65)

Stephanie Baiocchi

By Stephanie Baiocchi

Dec 14, 2018

I Saw Mommy Email Santa Claus (The IMPACT Show Ep. 65)

Ithis week's festive episode of The IMPACT Show, Nick and I talked about setting 2019 marketing goals, marketing skills for recent grads, sales emails we've received recently, and more! 

Check out the (very festive!) video recording below as well as the show notes. Enjoy and let us know what you thought in IMPACT Elite.


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Screen Shot 2018-12-14 at 9.21.16 AM

Nick and I shared why we're excited about these keynote speakers, our new location, and other exciting plans for IMPACT Live 2019.

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What Marketers Be Talkin' 'Bout

Where we go over what you're saying in IMPACT Elite.

MPACT Elite is a community of over 4,200 passionate inbounders looking to help each other succeed. Join us in IMPACT Elite. The answers to the below discussions from Elite pretty much answer each question but we wanted to make sure you hear them if you missed the discussion in Elite or, if you saw it but haven’t checked recently, get caught up!

The Age Old Question: One Blog Post or a Series

Leah Hovland shared a follow up to her post last week: “I have written our first company blog but it is 3,500 words! I divided it into segments that can be read on their own or continuously because each section is a related question. [Should I do] a long blog or a shorter one where you easily can click your way to the next segment if you found the prior one interesting?” Check out the discussion and great points in Elite.

Setting 2019 Marketing and Sales Goals

Cody Walker posted “Looking for advice on setting next year’s MQL goal. Our department is heavily focused on revenue marketing and how marketing can impact the bottom line. How do some of you determine your MQL goals for next year? What data do you use?” Check out the discussion on this topic in Elite.

Marketing Skills for Recent Grads

Ryan Litwiller posted “Besides working in marketing I also teach classes at Cleary University and we are looking at the current marketing curriculum. If you hire newly graduated marketing students for your company or agency, what are the top skills you look for (in general)? Or, on the flip side, what do you wish your marketing new hires learned in school but did not?” Some great ideas have been added to this thread in Elite.

Nick weighed in that he thinks project management skills are vital. I shared that writing - and communication skills overall - are top of my list!

From [The Latest]

This is where we highlight our favorite content from the past two weeks (6 editions) of The Latest, IMPACT's newsletter. First things first, if you're not subscribed be sure to sign up and check out recent editions of The Latest

Nick shared this interview with Kipp Bodnar on The Inbound Success Podcast and why it caught his eye.

I shared an article by Dakota Hersey about the launch of Chrome 71 and the updates included in it.

Inbound in Action

This is where we talk about what we’re doing and what we’ve learned lately right here in the trenches. 

Testing...Testing...Technical Difficulties

Another week, another set of technical difficulties. Nick and I shared our experiences with GoToWebinar AND Zoom crashing on us during our live broadcasts this week.

As promised, I did plan ahead this week and had a plan in case this happened. I shared however, that I failed to tell others what my plan was! Goal for next time: make sure everyone is up to date on the plan of action should something go wrong!

NEW: Sales Email Throwdown

Nick suggested this segment to me and I thought it was such a great idea I wanted to do it immediately. We decided to do a mini throwdown for some sales emails we've received recently! Nick and I shared our thoughts on the emails - the good, the bad, and the ugly. 

Nick shared how this email he received had a few positives such as a good subject line, his name was correct and properly spelled and capitalized, and more. He also shared a few places where this email could have improved. 


I shared this email which, you can't see it because I blacked it out to protect the sender, had a sender name IN ALL CAPS. (yeah, I did mark this email as spam. It had to be done.) I talked about how changing which words were linked would have helped this email as well as opening with a different and more powerful line and not repeating the subject would have helped.

stephanie's emailAs always, we wrapped up by sharing our final thoughts. You'll catch those in the episode so give it a listen!

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Join Us Next Time! 

Until next time...we'll see you in Elite!

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