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Anna Adamczyk

By Anna Adamczyk

Feb 18, 2016


Inbound Marketing
Inbound Marketing

Spread the Love: 4 Ways to Show Your Customers You Care

Anna Adamczyk

By Anna Adamczyk

Feb 18, 2016

Spread the Love: 4 Ways to Show Your Customers You Care

From a business development standpoint, we all tend to focus on those people that haven’t bought from us yet. We’re curious about them, continuously trying to woo and reel them in.

Except what happens when those same intriguing prospects finally become customers? Are we loving and leaving them while we pursue the next shiny new lead?

Inbound marketers understand that they should put the spotlight on new leads and existing customers equally. They continue to produce content and valuable offers that not only delight existing customers, but new leads all the same.

It’s easy to get caught up with new opportunities and clients while leaving behind older accounts.  However, new and old customers are essential to understanding relationship success and improvement opportunities.

So, how can salespeople help supplement what the Inbound Marketing team is already doing?

Here are 4 ways that sellers can continue to delight customers and solidify lasting relationships:

1. Let them breathe

You just closed a deal - congratulations! Now stop selling to that same person.

That doesn’t mean you should stop finding various touch points, but it’s time to be a consultant, advisor, and even friend to that particular client.

They will appreciate your respect and interest in their experience, without feeling additional pressure to buy something more.

Eventually, discussions regarding your relationship status will lead to a potential renewal or upsell, but be sure to give them adequate time to breathe.

Try this:

Instead of reaching out and encouraging a renewal or trying to upsell them, simply give them a call  to check in.

Ask if they are having any issues that you could help with. Are there any additional materials you could send that would help them use your product or service to its full potential?

Think like a thoughtful customer service rep instead of a seller.

2. Listen and hear

During the course of your discussions with clients you might ask for feedback on something. Oftentimes, whoever you’re talking to won’t really take that seriously, but some customers might.

If anyone shares feedback be sure you make a special note of it and later follow up with them to let them know what action is being taken to utilize that piece of information.

Try this:

There are many ways of gathering useful feedback such as short surveys, or even a call with a prepared agenda that contains several key talking points. Don’t ambush anyone into providing you with their opinion.

Make sure they can come prepared and be sure to do the same. When asking for feedback, be sure to really listen. Ask plenty of thoughtful questions and take notes.

Now take action. If the feedback was for you, then what task have you assigned yourself to utilize it? If it was something someone else in your organization is in charge of, what steps have you taken to relay that information?

Call your client and keep them informed on how you and your company are taking their feedback into account. Give them updates throughout the process so they feel like their input truly made a difference.

3. Keep your promises

How many times have you said something along the lines of, “Okay, I’ll send that out to you right away.” And how many times have you realized three days later that you never sent that email?

Think of every statement you make as a promise and start keeping those promises.

You need to do everything in your power to ensure that the trust your clients have invested in you isn’t taken for granted in any way. If they can’t take what you say at face value for the little things, how can they be certain you’ll deliver on the bigger ones? Don’t let them stray away to a competitor that will actually follow through.

Try this:

If you’re not sure when you can get something to your client, be honest. Tell them it might be by the end of the day or even by the end of the week. Then stick to your word.

Your clients will be grateful because they’ll see how your words actually translate into action. They’ll also never be disappointed or surprised and will be less likely to start looking around for someone else.

4. Be thankful

It’s the little things that make a difference. When you finally close a business opportunity, you usually thank them for their cooperation and emphasize how grateful you are to be doing business with them.

So why not try thanking your current clients more often? The loyalty of your current customers makes them worth ten times as much their first purchase.

Try this:

Give your clients a call, send them a personalized note with a small gift attached, or give them access to a special offer simply to say “Thank you! We really appreciate you!”

It will mean a lot to them that they’re recognized and will make it easier to later broach subjects when you need something - such as feedback, a renewal, or an upsell.

Key Takeaway

As a seller it’s important to keep spreading the love even once a prospect turns into a client. Making sure you’re delighting your current customers can be simple by keeping the pressure off , listening, being reliable, and showing them your gratitude.

Free Assessment:

How does your sales & marketing measure up?
Take this free, 5-minute assessment and learn what you can start doing today to boost traffic, leads, and sales.

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