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Stephanie Baiocchi

By Stephanie Baiocchi

Nov 2, 2018


Inbound Marketing
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Inbound Marketing

Tricky Marketing Situations and Video Treats (The IMPACT Show Ep. 62)

Stephanie Baiocchi

By Stephanie Baiocchi

Nov 2, 2018

Tricky Marketing Situations and Video Treats (The IMPACT Show Ep. 62)

Ithis week's episode of The IMPACT Show, Nick and I talked about personal branding, marketing and sales video, what to do when someone steals your content, and more!

Check out the video recording below as well as the show notes. Enjoy and let us know what you thought in IMPACT Elite.


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IMPACT Updates

Personal Branding and Name Changes

That's right, I'm no longer Stephanie Casstevens! I'm now Stephanie Baiocchi (pronounced bye-OH-key) on all email, social, etc. Check out the full episode for a discussion on and tips about how I prepared to be gone for two weeks, how things went while I was gone, and how I caught up when I came back. Plus, some tips and challenges about changing my name!

Fast Forward 2018: Vidyard’s Video Marketing & Sales Virtual Summit

Fast Forward is a virtual event for video marketing and sales, where over 2,000 marketing and sales leaders and practitioners discover how the industry’s top players plan to use video to stand out in 2019. Register now for FREE!

Plus, IMPACT's own Myriah Anderson and Zachary Basner will be presenting on why video is the next big thing for sales, and how we use it to generate more business. 

Fast Forward 2018 is your chance to learn…

  1. What types of videos are having the greatest impact in B2B
  2. How to deliver remarkable interactive and personalized customer experiences
  3. How to integrate video into your demand gen programs for immediate results
  4. What video technologies leading B2B companies are embracing
  5. Tips and tricks for getting started with video production

What Marketers Be Talkin' 'Bout

Where we go over what you're saying in IMPACT Elite.

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SPOILER: I also talked about how I add people to Elite and when/why I decline people!

Discussions from IMPACT Elite

Getting Buy-In for Video

Lorena DeLeon de Giron posted: “Hi everyone, yesterday I tried to sell to executives the idea of developing a video to address customers questions (similar to what Marcus advised on the Google podcast). They were not excited about developing another Q&A video. The feedback received was to go back and re-evaluate what problem I was solving for. What is the dictating opportunity here.” Check out her post.

This prompted Marcus Sheridan to record a response. Marcus’s advise was to think like a salesperson - go to your sales manager or team and say “what percent of the questions you get every time you have a sales call are the same?” He means, you guessed it, 80% videos!

When Someone is Stealing Your Content

Lauren Little posted: “Question for the group. We've just realized one of our local competitors is "borrowing" a lot of our content. They're not copying it verbatim, but they're taking the articles we write and reworking slightly to publish on their own site. Often coming out with an article on the same topic as us about a month after we post ours.”

Nick suggested that you read this whole discussion but also that one of the key takeaways is to go big or go home with your content! Use it to build a moat of trust and loyalty around your company. 

The Scariest Halloween Marketing Campaigns

I thought it was super interesting how many "scary" marketing campaigns I've seen recently that were banned. Specifically, this one from Spotify recently caught my eye.

Let us know in Elite some of the best (and worst) of what you saw this Halloween!

IMPACT Elite Live Conversations Series

We have a series of live conversations that are exclusively available to IMPACT Elite members! We had our second one this week, this time with Matt Ruby of Vooza. Vooza makes hilarious videos like this one. The upcoming conversations include: 

November 13th Tammy Duggan-Herd from Campaign Creators/Facebook group called Inbound Marketing Creators
November 27th Salma Jafri, Founder of Be the Media and manager of Personal Branding with Video Facebook group
December 11th Mark Rogers - Carney/The Daily Carnage

You can add the entire series to your calendar here!

Inbound in Action

This is where we talk about what we’re doing and what we’ve learned lately right here in the trenches. 

LinkedIn Making a Comeback?

LinkedIn is apparently updating their algorithm and I'm so excited about it! They said "what was missing was how likely the creator or poster of that content was to "appreciate" the engagement." which I think is SUCH a great point! Tl;dr people with smaller to mid-sized audiences will get more weight on the first 10 engagements on their posts. LinkedIn understands that a like from someone means more to someone with a smaller following than a large one, thus it should matter more and be given more value. Check out the full update.

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How does your sales & marketing measure up?
Take this free, 5-minute assessment and learn what you can start doing today to boost traffic, leads, and sales.