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Ramona Sukhraj

By Ramona Sukhraj

Jun 9, 2021


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18 best marketing podcasts you're not listening to but should be

Ramona Sukhraj

By Ramona Sukhraj

Jun 9, 2021

18 best marketing podcasts you're not listening to but should be

I have a confession: I don't listen to podcasts.

I know, I know; I'm probably the last person, let alone the last marketer in 2021, who doesn't tune in to at least one or two. In fact, podcast listenership, in general, has grown 29.5% in the past three years with 57% of Americans 12 or older saying they listened to a podcast in 2021 compared to 44% in 2018.

Personally, I learn best via articles, videos, or in-person talks, but at the same time I recognize that for others, marketing podcasts are one of the most efficient and popular ways to stay apprised of our ever-changing industry. 

With this in mind, I set out to find the best marketing podcasts on the digital airwaves (and hopefully a couple of surprises) to help you stay current and keen and perhaps add to my own queue.

What can I say? It's hard to teach an old Ramona new tricks.

Best marketing podcasts of 2021

1. The Marketing Secrets Show

best-marketing-podcasts-marketing-secretsHosted by Russell Brunson, "the world-famous internet marketer, New York Times bestselling author, and a co-founder of the largest funnel creation software ClickFunnels," the Marketing Secrets Show promises to share insights on how the little guys – entrepreneurs who invest their own money and aren't backed by venture capitalists – can build awareness and still remain profitable and healthy. 

Hard to argue with that, right?

Here are some episodes we recommend:

2. Business Made Simple with Donald Miller

best-marketing-podcasts-business-made-simpleWe're huge fans of Donald Miller here at IMPACT (especially The StoryBrand Framework), so, of course, we can't recommend his podcast enough.

🔎 Related: What is the StoryBrand Framework? (As told by Dirty Dancing)

While not solely focused on marketing, on this show Miller dives into a variety of important topics aimed at growing your business, including digital marketing strategy, messaging, sales, and even navigating COVID-19.

Guests have ranged from business and marketing notables Seth Godin and Patrick Lencioni to actor Matthew McConaughey and pretzel queen Auntie Anne.

Here are a few episodes to get your feet wet:  

3. PPC Den Podcast

best-marketing-podcasts-ppc-denPPC ads are a lot harder to master than one might think. Thankfully, the team over at AdBadger, an agency focused on Amazon PPC, helps to demystify it every Wednesday on the PPC Den Podcast

Described as "The world's first Amazon advertising podcast," this show "discusses the ins and outs of Amazon PPC, including tips and tricks to help optimize your ad campaigns.

"Whether you're a die-hard PPC fanatic or an Amazon seller looking for an edge, this is the podcast for you!"

Some notable episodes to check out:

4. Marketing School

marketing-school-podcastTalk to anyone in the marketing space and this is one title that will likely come up time and time again.

Marketing School, hosted by Neil Patel and Eric Siu, brings "you daily, actionable digital marketing lessons that they've learned through years of being in the trenches" and at just about 4-10 minutes long, it's hard not to make time for it. In fact, IMPACT teammate Kevin Phillips raves about being able to churn through several episodes while mowing the lawn. 

The duo covers the latest on topics such as SEO, content marketing, social media, email marketing, conversion optimization, and general online marketing tactics that work today. Plus, each episode (there's over 1,700 at this point) is hyperfocused on a specific question, so there's plenty to be learned.

Here are a few that may catch your fancy:

5. Digital Marketer's Perpetual Traffic

best-marketing-podcast-perpetual-trafficWe are huge fans of Digital Marketer at IMPACT. Their content is top-notch, and their podcast is no exception.

IMPACT Chief Operating Office Brie Rangel fondly remembers driving to a meeting with our founder and CEO Bob Ruffolo and listening to the UPSYD episode. A lot of IMPACT's inspiration and growth a few years ago came from the insights of this team.

Here are some of our team's top episodes:

6. The Inbound Success Podcast

best-marketing-podcasts-inbound-successAn IMPACT staple since 2017, the Inbound Success Podcast with VP of Marketing at, Kathleen Booth, is an interview-style show revealing what the industry’s best marketers do to deliver real results.

Every week, Booth interviews marketers who are rolling up their sleeves, doing the work, and getting the kinds of results we all hope to achieve. Some of them are well-known marketing luminaries, and others are folks you may never have heard of. What they all have in common is that they're succeeding in a big way.

Here are some of our favorite episodes:

7. Seeking Wisdom by Drift

best-marketing-podcasts-seeking-wisdomPresented by Drift and hosted by CEO (and former HubSpotter) David Cancel, Seeking Wisdom goes beyond just marketing and business to discuss "health, wealth, life, and learning." It touts itself as a podcast for people who want to get better every day. 

Here are a few episodes our team really enjoyed:

8. The Business of Content

business-of-content-podcast-impactbndThe Business of Content is exactly what it sounds like. It's “the podcast about how publishers create, distribute, and monetize digital content.”

What’s interesting about this one is that it dissects how media companies are venturing and finding success in today’s publisher ecosystem, and how brands can learn from this approach to monetize and make their own content even more effective – something we’re passionate about here at IMPACT.

These episodes illustrate the publisher education you will get from this show:

9. The Hubcast

HubCast-Redesign-Artwork-01Originally started at The Sales Lion under the watchful eye of now-IMPACT partner Marcus Sheridan and George B. Thomas, The Hubcast is the podcast for HubSpot users.

Hosted by IMPACT's resident HubSpot expert Carina Duffy and a rotating list of guests from our team, the monthly show helps you stay up to date with all the latest and greatest HubSpot tools, tips, and tricks, and frankly, they're just a fun bunch to hang out with for a bit.

Here are some of our most popular recent episodes: 

10. Pushing Send

best-marketing-podcasts-pushing-sendEmail marketing isn't dead, it's just gotten a lot harder to stand out in a sea of spam and sales promotions. Luckily, there are experts over at and the Pushing Send podcast to help. 

Pushing Send "dives deep into the stories behind some of the best emails and the people who send them. Each episode reveals not only their strategies – but the human side of how they connect and engage with people through the powerful medium of email."

Want to wow your audience with a killer email? You need Pushing Send in your podcast queue.

Check out these episodes:

11. CMO Conversations with Tricia Gellman

best-marketing-podcasts-cmo-conversationsIn addition to Seeking Wisdom, our friends at Drift recently launched CMO Conversations, a podcast for current and aspiring marketing executives. 

"What did their path to becoming a CMO look like? What advice do they have for up-and-coming marketers? What’s their superpower? And how do they navigate the challenges of a role that's constantly evolving?"

Every other week, Drift CMO Tricia Gellman sits down with a different CMO and goes deep on their experience to share lessons and advice for others in similar roles.

Check out these episodes:

12. Perfectly Mentored with Jason Portnoy

This is another one that isn't entirely marketing-focused but deserves a spot in your podcast queue. Recommended by my IMPACT teammate Ali Parmalee, Perfectly Mentored describes itself as your "in-pocket mentor." 

It promises that "everything you will need to achieve success will be discussed. We’ll share tips on business, marketing, finance, mindset, and more all delivered with entertainment and superstar guests! We will give you everything you need to get you ahead of the game. We will also try and answer any questions that you may have on your own journeys."

Noteworthy guests and episodes include:

13. Content Lab

Content_Lab-Blog_RssThe last of our IMPACT podcasts is Content Lab. Hosted by teammates Liz Moorehead and John Becker, Content Lab is a weekly show for content marketing nerds and industry experts.

Although there is no shortage of shenanigans, the show is centered around having real, candid conversations about challenges as well as discussing the inside scoop on the tools and tactics that will transform you into a content rockstar.

Here are a few episodes you should check out (aside from the one featuring yours truly, of course): 

14. Voices of Search

best-marketing-podcasts-voices-of-searchKeeping up with search engine optimization (SEO) is a tall order. As soon as an article is published, it’s only a matter of time before it’s obsolete. (Trust me, I've written well over 600.)

Voices of Search with Searchmetrics CEO Jordan Koene is an excellent tool to help you stay on top of all the latest changes the search engine overlords place upon us.

It aims to arm you with the latest news and insights you need to navigate the ever-changing landscape of SEO and content marketing created by Google, Apple, and other search giants. 

Here’s a taste of how helpful this show is:

15. Business Wars

best-marketing-podcasts-business-warsWith business comes competition, and that's what Business Wars, hosted by David D. Brown, a managing editor and NPR affiliate anchor focuses on.

Coke versus Pepsi, Apple versus Microsoft, the business world is full of iconic rivalries and this podcast dives deep into how one outdoes the other and wins over customers. Of course, a lot of this comes down to marketing. 

Stories tend to span several (20-minute-long) episodes, but here are some "chapters" to get you started:

16. Ecommerce Influence

best-marketing-podcasts-ecommerce-influenceHosted by Austin Brawner, Ecommerce Influence focuses on sharing "weekly interviews with world-class ecommerce operators, deep dives into what's working right now, and a refreshing break from 'crush-it culture.'"

This podcast will change your perspective on building a business, and, hopefully, change your life.

Brawner has helped more than 597 established ecommerce store owners, marketers, and freelancers grow their businesses dramatically, and on this show, he's sharing some of those insights.

Check out these episodes:

17. The Copyblogger Podcast with Tim Stoddart

best-marketing-podcasts-copybloggerBeing a content writer, or even someone who writes consistently, isn't easy. Thinking of what to write and how to write it for your audience can have you hitting a roadblock. The CopyBlogger podcast hopes to solve that.

In this podcast, Tim Stoddart discusses tactics and tips for writing, conversion optimization, mindfulness, email marketing, and more with experts such as Rand Fishkin and John Jantsch, the founder of Duct Tape Marketing.

Here are a couple of episodes you should check out:

18. Social Media Marketing with Michael Stelzner

best-marketing-podcat-social-media-marketingIn a social media world of cat videos, ads for fast fashion, and daily posts from your friends, how do you create a strategy that breaks through the noise?

In this podcast, Social Media Examiner founder Michael Stelzner shares tactics and tips from anything around generating social media traffic, creating videos, tools for Twitter, persuasive ad copy, and more. No platform is left behind! 

"Publishing weekly since 2012, this show helps marketers navigate the ever-changing marketing jungle with expert interviews from leading marketing pros." It promises to help you discover new strategies and actionable tips to improve your marketing and really hone your social media.

Some must-listen episodes include:

What are you listening to?

As quickly as marketing evolves, podcasts have enabled many to evolve with it. Some of our team members listen in their car on the way to work (I personally like singing to my steering wheel); others listen while doing laundry, or hitting the gym. Whatever your preference, with options ranging from five minutes to an hour, I'm sure you can find a podcast that works for you. 

Are there any other podcasts I should check out? What did I miss? Head to IMPACT+ to share what you're listening to.

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