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Bob Ruffolo

By Bob Ruffolo

Dec 23, 2011


Inbound Marketing
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Inbound Marketing

What Every Marketer Needs To Know About Inbound Marketing

Bob Ruffolo

By Bob Ruffolo

Dec 23, 2011

What Every Marketer Needs To Know About Inbound Marketing


Television and newspaper advertising – two of the role playing advertisement strategies of the past few years are now gradually being proved unworthy. But the question that arises next is ‘why?’  Well, Hubspot statistics suggest that the response ratio to media advertisements is lower than 3%. Therefore, marketers are now grandly heading towards a more user-specific advertisement method which turns more leads to sales. Inbound marketing is thought to be the solution. However, inbound marketing is in another sense called online marketing. Inbound marketing strategies include three things – creating a major website for the company, optimizing it and executing social media marketing (SSM). But, there are a certain number of issues that a marketer should know before choosing inbound marketing as the principal marketing method. The Hubspot 2011 State of Inbound Marketing Report recommends the following steps.

Lower Cost Per Lead

A marketer is a strategist as well. What every marketer follows is how to generate more sales with lower costs. But unfortunately, most of the marketing strategies are highly costly where they sometimes reflect significant lower outcomes. This problem has now become widely common among marketers of most of the institutions. But, inbound marketing is the perfect option that allows you to generate more sales where you can reduce costs at a diverse rate. How? Let me explain.

    • When an advertisement is published on a newspaper, it covers all the newspaper readers. The number can be even millions of people. But, only a few of them feels attracted towards what is advertised. So, most of the money is spoiled. On the other hand, inbound marketing is not advertisement oriented and it only covers possible buyers who feel interested about your products.

Marta Kagan of Hubspot reports that inbound marketing costs 60% to 62% less per lead than traditional outbound marketing.

Social Media and Blogging

One of every ten minutes spent on the internet by any American is spent on Facebook. It clearly indicates the power of social media. However, over the past few years, social media has taken a strong position in our everyday lives. One of every seven people has Facebook accounts. In a word, social media are like the virtual presence of people living in societies. So, creating social media pages and attracting people to visit them can be a more interactive way of marketing your products. The idea of social media marketing is highly spotted because it allows potential buyers to leave feedback instantly.

On the other hand, blogging is an outstanding method of both publicizing your products and optimizing the website to the search engines. There are a number of blog and article submission directories that work as the platforms. Despite this, you can find some similar blogs where you can post blogs and articles describing your products or services. However, blogging is basically a method of attracting search engines to filter your website, but it is a guaranteed way of generating leads to sales.

Business2community reports that companies that blog get 55% additional traffic. By the way, in a broader sense, social media marketing and blogging are in one hand stronger ways of optimizing your website to the search engines and attracting people to buy your products as well.

Search Engine Optimization

One of the key components of inbound marketing is to know how to optimize content to the search engines. When you primarily create content for your website, the following issue that comes next is to optimize them to the search engines. There are a number of SEO strategies like link building, on page SEO, blog commenting etc. However, SEO itself is a comparatively cheaper method but gives you permanent results. As SEO results cannot be observed instantly, many people who do not have clear ideas of SEO do not feel confident on the results. But, for SEO, the truth is ‘be patient’ to see enormous results.

Finally, as a marketer, you need to have crystal clear ideas of the method that you want to apply. When it comes to the issue of applying inbound marketing strategies, you must have clear ideas of this growing marketing system. Because of the user-generated methodology, cost efficiency and easy to navigate methods, inbound marketing is becoming increasingly popular among marketers of both giant corporations and smaller single ownership businesses.




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How does your sales & marketing measure up?
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