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Connor DeLaney

By Connor DeLaney

Dec 3, 2020


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Video Sales & Marketing World: a guide for videographers and content managers

Connor DeLaney

By Connor DeLaney

Dec 3, 2020

Video Sales & Marketing World: a guide for videographers and content managers

Video is not new. In fact, recent years have shown that those organizations that have been using video in their marketing and sales strategies are way ahead of the competition and are getting the results we all want: more traffic, more qualified leads, and more sales

Still, for some time, many businesses resisted making the change to video, for a wide variety of reasons — discomfort in front of the camera, perceived high costs to get started, and so on. But thanks to COVID-19, it now suddenly seems everybody is on the same page that video is important and indispensable. 

So, what comes next?

While there is a lot of uncertainty around what is to come in 2021, one thing is for certain: 

Video is still going to be important, even if the world goes back to some version of pre-pandemic "normal."

Now is the time for you to make your video content even better, from the production of the content to the talent you have in front of the camera (yes, that includes you!). 

That’s exactly why I’m inviting you, the videographer, content creator, and/or the content manager, to Video Sales & Marketing World on December 8 and 9.

An event about creating video content? Lemme guess…

Yes, I know you have been creating video content already at your organization, or you have at least been thinking about creating video content. So, why do I think you need to attend?

Video is only going to be more important as we jump into 2021. Now is the time to strategize for that jump, polish your skills, and get your whole team invested in the power of video. 

But I know as much as you do that two whole days at a virtual event can be a big ask, so in the next section of this guide, I’m going to share the sessions you must attend and those you should attend during both days of Video Sales & Marketing World

👏 On top of that, what would a guide be with a great deal on tickets? When you go to register, use code VIDEOS to get your ticket for $45!

The sessions you can’t miss at Day 1 of Video Sales & Marketing World 

There is only one track on the first day of Video Sales & Marketing World and while I think you should attend all the sessions, here are the sessions you can’t miss on the first day.

9:00am - Opening Keynote: The Visual Sale (Must Attend)

Based on their brand new book The Visual Sale, IMPACT’s Marcus Sheridan and Vidyard’s Tyler Lessard will share how you can create a culture of video at your organization and the drastic improvement it can have on the performance of your marketing, sales, and customer service. 

Why must videographers and content managers attend?

As I mentioned before, the world of video is evolving. Consumers expect more visual content from brands than ever before. This session is going to show you just how powerful the use of video can be for your organization, how it will help you become a leader in your industry, and will set the stage for every session throughout the event 

10:00am - How To Genuinely Feel Confident, Be Likable, And Build Trust On Camera (Must Attend)

For most of you, you aren’t just responsible for setting up the camera equipment and hitting record.

More often than not, you are building the strategies, writing the scripts, coaching those who will be on camera (if it isn’t just you), and then also setting up your gear. In this session, IMPACT’s Editorial Director Liz Moorehead is going to take you on her journey from being a “face for radio” to leading IMPACT’s video content strategy and filming three videos a week.

Why must videographers and content managers attend?

Liz doesn’t just bring humor and fun to her presentations, she also brings tools and techniques that you can take and make your own today so you can use them tomorrow.

This session in particular is going to feature her story for how she overcame her fears and anxieties of being on camera as well as the toolkit she created based on her experience to make your life easier when it comes to creating video.   

10:45am - Going Deeper On The Selling Seven: Brand New Examples And Strategies (Must Attend)

If you are a fan of They Ask You Answer, you have heard of The Selling 7 before. However, every strategy changes and evolves over time.

In this session, IMPACT’s Director of Inbound Training and Video Strategy Zach Basner dives deeper into The Selling 7 than ever before, including how they have changed over the past year as well as brand new, never-before-seen examples of the best Seven Selling videos he has seen.

Why must videographers and content managers attend?

If you are creating video content, you need a strategy that is guaranteed to drive results. With each of The Selling 7 videos in your arsenal, you can deliver game-changing video content that will take your website, your sales team, and your brand to the next level.

1:15pm - The Video Tools & Tech You Need (Should Attend)

If you are into video content, you probably nerd out about the technology and equipment you use. Even more than the camera or lighting setup you use, you also need the tools that the rest of your organization could use.

In order to make the most of this 45-minute session, we broke it down into three sets of 15-minute presentations from organizations across the video space that will show you all the tools that could both solve the problems you currently face in creating video content as well as take that content to the next level in both quality and quantity. 

Why should videographers and content managers attend?

With our lineup of sponsors, you will learn the newest tools you need to add to your toolbelt when it comes to creating great video content. This session will feature talks from online video tool Vidyard, graphics and video design company Design Pickle, and automated closed captioning tools like QuiCC, and more, all hand-picked to help you create better videos for your brand every time. 

The sessions you can’t miss at Day 2 of Video Sales & Marketing World 

Day two breaks down into a pair of defined tracks; Video for sales and video for content creators + marketers. As you could probably guess, my recommendations for the second day are going to lean towards the content creators side in this specific guide. 

11:15am - How to get the most out of Your On-Camera Talent (Must Attend)

You can do all the things right on behind the camera, but until those in front of it are delivering what they need, the video will never get published. In this session from IMPACT’s Director of Video Production Alex Winter, you will learn how to build trust with your subject matter expert in front of the camera and why you that is the key to producing exceptional video content for your organization. 

Why must videographers and content creators attend?

I can personally attest to just how masterful Alex is at this. Whether it is filming courses or doing walk-and-talk promotional videos, he is a wizard at making his on-camera talent perform each and every time.

If you struggle to establish trust or aren’t sure how to make those at your organization feel comfortable on camera, this session will instill the confidence you need in order to maximize every video shoot you do. 

1:45pm - Vidyard deep dive for marketers (Should Attend)

Vidyard is one of the top tools in the marketing space for creating exceptional 1:1 and 1:Many videos from your own computer. Whether you use their free chrome extension or purchase a package to store your video content, Vidyard is a great tool for instilling a video-first culture at your organization.

In this 45-minute session, the experts over at Vidyard will share how some of their top customers embrace the power of video using Vidyard and the tactical tips they give to all users to get the most out of video using Vidyard.

Why should videographers and content managers attend?

As I mentioned with the Video Tools & Tech session in day 1, every tool you can have in your toolbelt for creating strong, valuable video content is a plus. As someone who uses Vidyard literally on a daily basis, this deep dive is worth checking out. It will show you how to speed up internal communication as well as building stronger connections with your prospects and customers.

3:00pm - How To Use YouTube To Build An Audience and Generate Leads (Must Attend)

It’s great to create video content, but how do you actually roll it out so the public can see it? One of the smartest and most impactful ways to do this is by creating a YouTube channel for your organization.

Video is starting to play a bigger and bigger role when it comes to consumers asking questions in their search engines. Matt Risinger, a contractor focused in craftsmanship will share how he grew his YouTube channel to over 700,000 subscribers and the value it has brought to his organization by generating video content for YouTube. 

Why must videographers and content creators attend?

Anyone can start a YouTube channel and use it to house their content. The magic with YouTube is when you understand how the algorithm and the questions your consumers want answered blend with beautiful quality content all in one place.

By having a YouTube channel in place, you will see that as your videos gain viewership, you will have repeat viewers and subscribers to your channel. That will start bringing not only YouTube monetization but will also drive traffic to your website and could convert to more leads for your organization.

As a content creator, you can’t afford to miss Video Sales & Marketing World

By attending Video Sales & Marketing World, I can guarantee you three things: 

  1. Your video content won’t suck (and consumers will seek it out) 
  2. Yourself and your company will be bought in on a culture of video
  3. Your company will be set up long-term to have sustainable video and marketing success

While I think everyone who will be involved in your video content strategy should attend the event, you play one of the most critical roles in that strategy’s success. 

Before you go, don’t forget that you can score a pretty solid deal on tickets at just $45 as well with code VIDEOS.

Can’t wait to see you take your video game to the next level at Video Sales & Marketing World on December 8 and 9!

Free Assessment:

How does your sales & marketing measure up?
Take this free, 5-minute assessment and learn what you can start doing today to boost traffic, leads, and sales.